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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum There are many places that you can take your family and have a good time. There are only a few places that you can take your family and enjoy rich history about one of the United States most influential presidents. While traveling through the town of Springfield Illinois traveling can stop and enjoy the rich and lush history that is being preserved at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum. Family vacations are about getting out and enjoying each other company but no one said that it couldn’t be a little educational. The Abe Lincoln Museum is filled with fun artifacts from his life and the museum does a great job of capturing them and displaying them for the public. This museum isn’t your standard small town museum that you can cover in a 10 minute tour. This museum is going to take time to sift through. There is awesome history around every corner to learn about and see. Perhaps the most memorable part about most visitors’ time here is The Plaza. The Plaza is the first area you enter and it has a life size replica of Abe Lincoln’s family during the time that he was president. Its open for guests to pose around and take pictures. But in the plaza there is also a life size front to the house Lincoln lived in as a kid and the house which he used during his time as president. Admission to the Museum is 12 bucks for adults, 9 for seniors, 6 for kids under 15.

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What to explore in Springfield

Henson Robinson Zoo While traveling one of my favorite things to do is visit Zoo’s. There are small ones and large zoos and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Large Zoo’s like those found at Busch Gardens in Tampa Florida are great because they offer you the ability to see many animals that smaller zoos can’t afford to keep. The disadvantage comes in with personal service, its often hard to find someone that knows a lot about the animals and is willing to sit and talk with you if you have questions. At small zoos like the one I found in Springfield Illinois that is not a problem. In Springfield there is the Henson Robinson Zoo, this Zoo was opened in 1970 and has been growing ever since. It offers a great selection of exotic animals that guests can enjoy year round. During the summer Henson Robinson Zoo is open from 10 to 5 on the weekday and open till 6 on the weekends. Through the rest of the year the zoo closes at 4pm. Admission to the Zoo is nice and low at $5 for adults and $3.25 for kids. The price is so great that I felt like I was cheating the zoo. The big different at Henson Robinson is that staff. The zoo keepers are very active in the day to day affairs at the zoo and because of that they are very open to talking with guests. When you are there you might get the chance to see them feeding one of the many species of animals that call the Henson Robinson Zoo home.