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Things to do in St. Albans

stalbansNamed after St. Albans in England this was city was first settled during the Revolution. After the war was over the area was well liked and chosen by settlers for its soil. Knowing that the area would be great farming and raising livestock settlers raised soon began producing butter and cheese in large quantities. The city began to prosper and started manufacturing freight cars. Soon afterward the city was nicknamed “Railroad City.” Acting as a hub for trade and freight repair the St. Albans was a big target during the Civil War and was the site of the St. Albans Raid. During the railroad era over 200 trains a day came through the area and travelers came from all over to settle in the city. With such large amount of people coming in most of the houses and building today were built during this time. The Victorian and Craftman style can still be seen all over the city today. If you are in the St. Albans and wish to see a more of this deep history you should stop in the St. Albans Historical Museum. Through-out the museum you can see exhibits showing the large quantity of artifacts that have been gathered through the year. From the old railway history through the raid and to the current times you can see how the city has grown. The best part is the tour of the raid where you can understand step by step how everything happened. A small building with a lot to offer the museum is a great place to learn about a piece of American history.

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A few more things in St. Albans

syrupSt. Albans is also known as the “Maple Syrup Capital of World.” To celebrate its worldwide fame every year on the last weekend of April the city throws the Vermont Maple Festival. Thousands of people travel to the city for the festival which offers so much that it has to take up two days. Win a pint of pure syrup at the Maple Syrup trivia game. See what cool stuff has been hanging out in the town in the Antique show. Take the kids to the carnival where they can let loose and ride some rides. See who brings the wackiest thing to the craft and specialty foods show. Let the kids get their face painted. Enjoy the music of the fiddler show. Listen to the local bands at the main street stage. Head over to cooking demonstration and learn all the ways you can cook with syrup. Go to the pancake breakfast and enjoy some local syrup put to the best use. Watch the parade go through town and see who won Maple King and Queen. See what food won the maple cooking contest and the maple product contest. There is also a buffet style dinner. Get the kids involved at the youth talent concert. And watch those who didn’t consume too much syrup race in the annual Sap Run. What can we say, this town is crazy about their syrup!