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Things to do in St. Johnsbury

townThe town of St. Johnsbury had early roots as manufacturing center. These roots grew and made the town more popular and industrialized than ever. By the mid 1900s the city had specialized in three industries and the growth was so astronomical that each became the largest in the world. . One was Fairbanks Scales; another was a maple sugar candy company, and the third made candlestick bowling pins. You can’t help but fall in love with the town of St. Johnsbury. Its scenic location located between the hills and rivers set the backdrop for a relaxing day. The people of the town seem so easy going and polite. Filled with passion and pride for their city the citizens of the town treat you like family rather than a stranger. The location of the World Maple Festival this town still embraces its roots and tries to show off its history rather than cover it up. The town has retained that old style charm and beauty of its past and encourages visitors to stop by the library and borrow an iPod to listen the historic roots of the town through a self guided walking tour.  Learn the town and let the headphones tell you about the history and stories of this town that make its slogan “St. Johnsbury Very Vermont”.

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A few more things in St. Johnsbury

fairbanksOpen for over 100 years the Fairbanks Museum is located in St. Johnsbury. Funded and inspired by Franklin Fairbanks the museum started with his own personal collections. The museum was created as a way for Fairbanks to give back to community and that is exactly what he has done. For over a century now families have came to the Fairbanks museum and brought joy to adults and Children alike. The museum started to grow as Franklin together with taxidermist William Balch to display the collection of animals that is still to this day one of the best collections of animals in the north. When you open the doors you are greeted by snarling bears and swooping birds.  As you climb the circling stairs to the top you will find a collection of dolls and historic toys from over time. Many of these dolls were donated by Marguerite White. Throughout the museum you will find exhibits from around the world and weapons throughout history. The best part is the large public planetarium where you can sit back and enjoy the wonders of space. At 6$ a person this is a very affordable outing for the family and will show you some state charm.