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Things to do in Staten Island

Staten Island Zoo Zoo’s are lots of fun and not just for kids. Even as an adult I love to visit zoos each one is an adventure and its filled different types of animals with different personalities. A tiger at one zoo may just enjoy lounging around while a tiger at another zoo is more interested in what is going on outside of its home. While visiting New York we found the Staten Island Zoo. It was a great zoo and had many very fun and lively animals. The Staten Island was also the first Zoo that I visited this far north. It was evident in the design of the zoo because many animals which I’m accustomed to seeing outside were actually inside. The zoo had many animals that are obviously not native to the cold climate and there habitate has to be controlled all year long to keep the animals in the best condition possible. Admission to the Staten Island zoo was priced well at just 8 bucks for adults of 15 and up, 6 for seniors 60 and over, and for kids between the ages of 3 and 14 get in for just 5 bucks. If you happen to have a young member of your family under 3 get in free of charge. The Zoo is a great place to visit if in Staten Island.

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What to eat in Staten Island

Denino's Pizzeria New York is known for many things and a few of them are Pizza and bagels. I wasn’t able to find a bagel play that I can recommend yet but as far as pizza. While at the zoo a local pointed me to Denino’s Pizzeria and Tavern. Thanks to the local I knew to get some cash out as well because Denino’s only accepts cash. That isn’t’ a big deal as long as your aware of it. The food was delicious and fresh. Our pizza was hand crafted and it tasted as if the dough was made from scratch. Pizza Hut or any other chain doesn’t come close to tasting like Deninoes does. There is other deightfull goodies to eat besides pizza such as Calamari and Shrimp both of which we had to try and could only agree on the fact that we wanted to order a second round of them. Outside of Denino’s is a perfect picture opportunity to snap a shot with the Statue of liberty. Denino’s had been open since 1984 serving only the best and freshes pizza in town that is 28 years of dedication to the locals and visiotrs of Staten Island I would recommend Denino’s to anyone looking for great pizza.