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Grand Army of the Republic Museum

St. Cloud Grand Army of the Republic Hall This unique museum has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and was constructed by Union veterans, with outstanding and unusual features like a tin ceiling, painted stage curtain, both of which are still original and filled with the memorabilia of the Civil War and the Grand Army of the Republic. In fact, the entire city of St. Cloud would be built by the Grand Army of the Republic or GAR, to be used as a retirement colony for its many members, and constructed in 1914 by the members of GAR that would become a memorial to the Union Army veterans of the Civil War, which would be just one of many that were constructed across the United States; and added to the register in 1997. The hall would become the meeting place of the Lucius L. Mitchell GAR Post No. 34, that would be named after the first Union veteran that would die in the colony, that was one of the 34 GAR posts in the state. It is now the meeting hall of the Lucius L. Mitchell Camp No. 4 of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, which would be the successor organization for the Grand Army of the Republic. Although there are buses and taxis in the city, and around the area, the best way to travel or visit attractions in the area is to rent a vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise has the finest service in the area, with the latest vehicles and best prices in the region. They are often providing great deals and other incentives to rent one of their vehicles, as well as offering the best advice on what type of auto, suv or van to rent for you and your family or group.

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St. Cloud GatorlandGatorland is a marvelous theme park and wildlife preserve that sits on 110 acres of land, founded by Owen Godwin in 1949 and still owned by his family. It is billed as "the alligator capital of the world", home to thousands of alligators and crocodiles, with petting zoo, boardwalk and observation tower, aviary swamp walk, reptile shows and educational programs, with a fabulous new zipline that travels over the gators that hover below in the waters, just waiting for an accident or some other mishap that would put someone in the drink with these awesome carnivores. The park has an excellent and active road show that provides alligator wrestling, lizards and other animals, like pythons, for educational and informative talks and lectures for private parties and benefits. Gatorland manages the live alligator exhibit at Gaylor Palms resort in Kissimmee, Florida; and the park has become well known for its leucistic gators, which are those animals that have skin pigmentation problems, almost like becoming albinos. The park has a marvelous gift shop and new main offices that had to be reconstructed after the terrible fire they had in 2006. Although the main front entrance would be burned, the iconic painted historic concrete alligator's mouth that had been at the entrance, would need repainting and other minor cosmetic touches that brought it all back to life so that it could reopen in May of 2008. The park used to have a fantastic halloween display, with visitors walking around the park's boardwalks watching the alligators swimming around the wooden planks in the darkness of the night, with all kinds of scary folks running around trying to scare the heck out of you. It was an enjoyable time, but has unfortunately been discontinued, and now there is a new zipline that is sure to put just as much fear in you as the hobgoblins that used to run around on halloween. You can enjoy this wonderful attraction by driving up Orange Blossom Trail, but you need to have a vehicle and the best place to rent one, if you need it, is at the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car location, which offers the best of everything that you might need or come across. Enterprise has the newest and best maintained vehicles in the region, using the best and friendliest folks in the business.