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Elliot Museum

Stuart Elliot Museum Sitting along the beachfront of Hutchinson Island, by Stuart, Florida, the Elliot Museum contains one of the best collections of American antiquities, vintage cars, decorative arts and baseball memorabilia celebrating the Golden Age of American ingenuity, as well as local and regional history. The Elliot, as it is preferably called, was constructed in 1961 by Harmon Elliot as a tribute to his father, Sterling Elliot; a famous and successful inventor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Later that same year, it would be donated to the nonprofit Historical Society of Martin County, that has operated it ever since, with the majority of the relics being left from Sterling, himself. Before the donation, Sterling would own the ultimate baseball card collection in existence. It would celebrate its 30th anniversary in 1991, with more than 500 people attending to re-dedicate the museum with a marvelous presentation of the Elliot tartan banner and a ribbon cutting ceremony by Lynn Elliot, his great-granddaughter, along with many vintage early cars from the Treasure Coast Vintage Auto Club and the Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association. During its outstanding existence, it has continued to grow and enlarge its facilities with more public programming and members, with the museum itself being used for many social events. Some of its magnificent exhibits include; the Elliot invention room, the automobile gallery that houses Harmon Elliot's first car, a 1909 Hupmobile, and the 1936 Austin that he would carry on his yacht Harmonelle, the barber shop, a 1943 kitchen, the apothecary, general store, soda shop, Elliot bicycle shop, music room, Landford exhibit, Let's Play! that showcases a number of toys from model trains to dolls, books and blocks, the Elliot dining room, Sterling Elliot: How he steered his way into the history books, baseball memorabilia, Auerbach dining room and the Martin County history. The museum is a magnificent place to visit, especially for baseball fans, with the majority of the finest collection of baseball cards in the world being signed by either, the player, coach or manager, and in the new museum, both sides of the cards are visible so you can get all the stats you could even want. The best way to get there, or to travel in the area, is to rent a great vehicle from the wonderful folks at Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise will make sure you get the best vehicle for your personal needs and the most economical. You have a wide choice of vehicles to choose from and the great staff will always help.

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Stuart Heritage Museum

Stuart Heritage MuseumThe local history museum in Stuart, Florida is called the Stuart Heritage Museum, occupying a two story frame structure built in 1901 by George W. Parks, who used the first floor for his grocery and general merchandise store, and the second floor as his home; until 1913, when it would become the Stuart Mercantile Company and after various uses, it would become the Stuart Feed Store in the 1960s. This store would be listed in the Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture. It contains more than 10,000 relics from the 1880s to the 1950s. In 2010, the historic 1920s Talley and Evans Crary Sr. House in the city would be cut in half and then brought to the vacant lot adjacent to the store, where it would be waiting for its restoration and future use by the Stuart Heritage Museum. This museum is dedicated to the early pioneers of the city, describing their personal stories of growing pineapples and harvesting fish, talking about life in the good years, the boom years and the great depression. You can visit this excellent museum and other interesting points or attractions in the city of Stuart, by going to the local Enterprise Rent-A-Car store and getting the kind of vehicle you and your family wants to ride around in while here. Enterprise offers their customers the best of everything, including the best customer service staff in the world.