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Frankies  South Carolina is filled with many different attractions and things to do. While visiting Summerville you will want to make time to speed a night a Frankies with five different locations there is bound to be one near you even if your not in Summerville. Frankies is a small attraction park that has go karts, mini golf, skeet ball, bumper boats, and more. Frankes is a free to enter park and you only get charged for activities that you want to do. Frankies isn't like other attraction parks with go karts for little kids. Frakies has a an oval slick track that is great for young adults. In fact in order to drive the cars you have to be 16 and have a valid driver license. The frankies crew took their strongest go karts put racing slicks on the frames then smothered the oval track with a friction reducing coating. Frakies also has the good ol' fashion road course that is good for all ages of drivers with single an double cars. Just like Frankie has something special for the older kids in all of us they also have a Rookie Track for the young generation. At Frankies a four year old can get strapped into a 5 point harness and then let lose on a track with 5 other crazy young-ins. To get away from the go karts Frankie offers a driving range and batting cage for the "hitters" in us all. If you were like me as a kid you probably loved rock walls and Frankie was one of those kids and has one of his own, and he is willing to share it with you for just 5 dollars. There are some other popular attractions too like mini golf, fun slide, and everyone's favorite the drop zone.

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What to explore in Summerville

Drayton Hall   There is old houses everywhere we drive by them all the time however something there are really old houses. Drayton Hall in Summerville is one of those relaly old house. Its a little more then a house by today standards as well, its 3 stories and has numerous rooms. The building was built a century ago. It is amazing because it has survived the toll of the ages. Drayton Hall stood through the American Revolution, the Civil War, earthquakes of 1886, and it even stood through hurricane Hugo. Drayton Hall is a testament to the craftsmanship of early builders. Drayton Hall is also remarked as being the finest example of Georgian-Palladium architecture in all of the United States. Today Drayton Hall is being constantly repaired in an effort to keep it in its original condition. Admission to Drayton hall is $18 for adults, $8 for youth, and $6 for kids 6-11, also ask about family packages to get Discounted rates if you have young ones. Once your tickets have been purchased you can explore the grounds at your own pace or head over to the house and take the professionally guided tour, then enjoy the participate in connections" from Africa to America, its a 45 minute program that uses maps and historic documents, to show how people were transported from Africa to America. There are many exciting things to do and explore at Drayton Hall and one of the most incredible is getting the chance to step into a scared place. This place is the oldest African-American Cemetery in the nation that is still in use. Drayton Hall is a magical place that must be see hands on. When in Summerville you have to take a trip and visit it.