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William-Brice House  The world is a beautiful place, and if visiting Sumter you have will have the chance to see some of that beauty. Sumter is home to some of the most beautiful museums in South Carolina. The Sumter County Museum Complex is home to three different breath taking venues. The Williams-Brice House is the home and center of the complex. Built by the Moses and Phelps Families in 1916 this house has been standing for nearly a century. Fifty-six years after it was built the estate was given to to the county to become a museum. Ever since the Sumter County Museum has been collecting relics to show at the Williams-Brice House. The House currently displays one of the largest and most elegant textile collections in all of South Carolina. There I more to seen then just the rugs and clothing at the William-Brice House it has many tools and working implements from the time period which it was built. On the more entertaining side Sumter was a rail road town and because of this the house has followed the ties which Sumter has had with the rail system. My favorite exhibit is "Always Coca-Cola" This exhibit has many pictures following the rise of Coca-Cola from the days when a wagon was drawn by houses and delivered to stored to the current times. There are more then just pictures in this exhibit The William-Brice House has obtained a 1930's Vendorlator or dispenser and a 1940's electric cooler. These old Coke artifacts were amazing to see, it shows how times have changed over the years. Especially the pricing back then you could get a 20-30 ounce bottle for around nickle and today a 24 once bottle is a dollar 25. The William-Brice House is a beautiful place of history and worth a visit if in the Sumter area.

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What to explore in Sumter

Carolina Backcountry Homestead   If its spring time then South Carolina is beautiful and pleasant outside. While in Sumter you need to check out the rest of the Sumter County Museum Complex. The Martha Brice Gardens is a place which you can get lost in, even on the hottest days its easy to get lost under the shade of the trees and in the smell of the flowers. The Martha Brice Gardens were first designed in built in the early 60's by Robert Marvin. Many of the plants that Robert originally planted are gone today however his design and ideas are still wildly present in the garden today. The Garden includes breath taking azaleas, camellias, magnolias, and dogwood trees. While walking threw the beautiful display don't forget to look up and see the 100 year old pecan trees. Towering over 60 feet tall they are a sight that you might never see again. Across the lawn from the William-Brice House you can find the last piece of the complex the Carolina Backcountry Homestead. This is a recreated homestead and which the complex has reenactments. The Homestead includes a log cabin, settlers house, a smoke house, barn , commissary or warehouse, loom-house, outhouse, blacksmith shop, and again more gardens. The settler's house and commissary are original houses built in 1812 and 1836 these buildings were donated and the rest were built from materials found in old houses around Sumter. The Sumter County Museum Complex is a beautiful place that you can get lost for house in.