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Affleboro Area Industrial Museum Not far from the town of Taunton you can find the Affleboro Area Industrial Museum. The Affleboro Area Industrial Museum is a master piece and preserves many items from the history of the area, the building in which the museum resides is considered to the best piece in the collection. The building dates back to around 1900 and was the site of the Attleboro Refining Company. The company was the center piece of industry in the Attleboro area, it was the first refinery in the New England area to implement Electrolytic process for separating Gold from other metals, making the gold from this refinery very desirable by high end jewelry’s. When the building was donated to the city it was in extreme disrepair and took several years of intense work to turn it into the museum it is today. Since its repair the museum has been constantly acquiring new pieces of history about the industry in the Affleboro Area. One of the most recent items acquired is the Fire Queen, the queen is a wagon but unlike most wagons that are pulled by horses this was pulled by men. More specifically The Queen is pulled by 24 firemen, the wagon dates back to 1850’s it’s the centerpiece of their new display that highlights the many historic fires that have happened throughout the years in the Affleboro area.

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Capron Park Zoo Zoo’s are just a great place to spend a day, every time you go its going to be different. The animals are a going to be in a different mood, they might be feeding, or evening running and playing. When traveling through the Taunton think about stopping by Capron Park Zoo for a relaxing day and a chance to teach your kids about the wonder animal kingdom that is all around us. Capron Park Zoo has been operation for nearly 75 years, they have been recusing animals rehabilitant them and letting you enjoy the health results. Capron Park is just filled with beautiful animals some that you may have seen before and other that you havn’t. While visiting you will have the chance to see a large collection of beautiful birds from large to small sizes. Such as the Red- Crowned Crane, Woodpartridge, hornbills, speckled mousebird, Golden Crowned Mynah, and even one of the worlds largest birds the Emu. On the side of mammals there is also an impressive collection of monkeys. My favorite of the monkeys is the Lemur collection they Black and White Ruffed Lemurs that look as if they have a suit on, Red Ruffled Lemur, and even the classic Ring-tailed lemur. A monkey that you may not know much about is the DeBrazzas Monkey, these animals are interesting they have what looks to be a crew cut and wear a white beard. Another interesting fact is that they have pouch that they use to store food, so as they move among the trees they never go hungry.