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Sealife Aquariums Aquariums are just cool. I love to go to a large one that had sharks and other saltwater sea life. Its amazing to see the diversity that lives in the oceans of our earth. In Tempe Arizona there is a great aquarium that is part of a small chain that has aquariums around the world. Sea Life Aquariums are among some of the most respected Aquariums in the world with locations in the United Kingdoms, Germany, Belgium, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, and of course in the United States. The aquarium has too many types of sea life to count but some of the favorites are the White Tip Reef Shark, Great Pacific Octopus, Hermit Crabs, Angel Fish, and much much more. Sealife is open 7 days a week Monday through Saturday from 10-7 an don Sunday from 10-6. Sealife is a great place to take the family as there is fish and attractions for all ages. IF viewing the animals isn’t enough then be sure to check out the daily feeding times. Get a chance to watch a feeding frenzy at the tiding pool or see a dozen Rays flapping away after the food. The shark feeding is also a great sight see the staff feed them on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays at 2 pm. Its always a great show as the sharks love to eat. Tickets start at just 8 bucks and can be bought online or at the door.

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SunSplash Waterpark There isn’t anything better then spending a day cooling off at your favorite water park. Right outside of Tempe Arizona you can find the town of Mesa that the SunSplash Waterpark calls home. SunSplash is one of Arizona premiere waterparks and a part of the Golfland Family Fun Center. SunSplash is home to many great attractions, two of the largest and most used are also the most common at waterparks. The thunder Bay Wave Pool and Endless River, The wave pool is comprised of 450,000 gallons of water! The pool creates waves that all can enjoy and top four feet high. The Endless river is filled with fun it’s a great place to sit back and relax. Its also good for a short nap, the river has a built in alarm that will wake you with shooting out of the walls at several locations. There is lots of rides that the little ones will love. The attractions for little kids are the Toddler Tadpole Pool, ShipWreck Rock Slides, Caribbean Water Works, and the Activity Pool all, of which require supervision if the child is under 48 inches. The activity is tons of fun as kids have the chance to play their friends in water basketball or try and cross the wobbly lily pads without hitting the water. There is a lot for the older kids and adults too. Take a ride in the Cauldron or blast through one of waters first roller coaster. Master Blaster Water Caster shoots you and a friend up then quickly drops you into the ride to enjoy some quick turns and dips.