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Terre Haute Children's Museum Finding activities for young children is hand at time. As parents you want to keep you kids entertained but at the same time teach them. This is especially hard while on vacation. If traveling to or through Terre Haute Indiana however there is a great stop that you and your kids will love. The Terre Haute Children’s Museum is open 10 to 6 on most days except money when it’s closed for a good cleaning. The Children’s Museum is a great place to spend hours on end exploring the endless exhibits that are both engaging and educational. It has a simple mission statement that is “to enrich our children’s lives through the exploration of science and technology.” This museum isn’t a little room in the corner of a city building but it is a huge 4 story building. It has 13 exciting exhibits that teach kids everything from weather to space. While exploring these museums I find that the kids aren’t the only ones learning. As an adult I usually learn something that I didn’t know either. One great exhibit is the “Agciting! Follow Your Food!” This exhibit helps to teach and show kids how the agricultural system of American touches almost every aspect of our lives. Shows how corn is grown harvested and then processed to be used in many different foods and resources. Admission is just 7 bucks for both kids and adult, of course kids under 2 get in for free. The Terre Haute Children’s Museum is a beautiful place to spend a day and enjoy the rich knowledge they want to share.

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What to eat in Terre Haute

Harry & Buds Perfectly quant that it’s easily missed, I’m not too sure if you want that to be a quality that describes your restaurant but at Harry & Buds that’s how it can be described. That’s not a bad quality on any measure. Harry & Buds is a gem hidden away. Its located directly across the street from the community theatre so it’s a favorite among theatre lovers. Harry & Bud’s specializes in a tasty European Cosine. Its directly described as going beyond salt in the spice cabinet. In fact every dish that comes out of the kitchen is perfectly seasoned and no additional salt or pepper is needed. The building has been through the rounds it was built in 1950 and has a giant glass block window that was probably installed during the building construction. It once housed a doctor’s office, then an accounting office; it even was a tanning/hair salon before it became Barry & Buds. The building has seen some years and you might say that the tables and chairs have as well. That’s on purpose though the mismatch chairs that can be found in so many grandparents houses around America and Europe. The Restaurant is small and only staffs a few people, this leads to personal service and a grantee that the food will be delicious. Each and every dish is created from scratch especially for you. This means that dishes take a few minutes to come out, don’t be discouraged because the wait is well worth it.