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Things to do in Toms River

sailsWelcome to Toms River, a beautiful city sitting on the Atlantic Ocean. A water loving city by nature the city of Toms River will draw you in with its majestic beauty and charm. You can find most of the locals out on the water or in a local restaurant enjoying a good meal. The water loving citizens have many activities for you to do while you are in town and what better place to learn to get your feet wet then Nelsons Sailing Center. Rating the sailing school of the year Nelson’s professional staff and helpful locals will get you started on the right foot to a great vacation. Nelson’s offers sailing lessons for the beginners so that even if sailing is something you think would be cool but have never had the time to learn you can get started learning right away. For those who already know how to sail the facility offers 19-24 foot sailboats that are available for daily rentals. If you would like to sail but are not really interested in learning how to man the ship maybe you will be more interested in one of the sunset or dinner cruises that takes out from the Atlantic port. From team building exercises, kids sailing programs, and support sails for boys and girls scouts Nelson’s it a wonderfully put together, well rounded program that offers you and your family a great opportunity while in Toms River.

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A few more things in Toms River

catussWhile in Toms River it would be shame to not go and enjoy the beauty that awaits you at Cattus Island. Nestled into the shady trees and untouched by buildings and attractions the nature reserve of Cattus Island awaits. Stretching over 500 miles the trails that await you will take you twisting and turning through the woods and meadows and breath taking view points that the island holds. Stop in at the visitor center and check out the informative exhibits that will teach you about the ecosystem of the island. The large collection of reptiles and fish are always waiting for your attention to detail as you learn how sensitive the ecosystem is and what pollution does to them. Walk through the Butterfly garden and enjoy the enchanted views and flowers. For the more adventurous people there are nature discovery packs for hiking, and bikes with GPS to borrow for trail riding. Something for everyone awaits you in Toms River.