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Hampton National Historic Site Historic sites are some of my favorite places to visit. They are rich with history but also the people that work at these sites really care about what they are doing. While traveling through Towson Maryland we saw a sign for the Hampton National Historic Site. My middle name is Hampton and we had a few extra hours to burn so we stopped in and was surprised with what we found. The site was one in a million, and is literally the largest Georgian house in the U.S. It was absolutely beautiful and looked as if it was made yesterday. It was actually finished in 1790! That is over 220 years ago. I don’t know of anyone or anything that is that old and still looks this good. The site as I said is one of a kind and offers free guided tours as it is a nationally funded site. Tours are normal to find at these types of locations but to have a guided tour is out of this world. Our guide you could tell loved giving the tour and his knowledge of the estate was incredible. The estate was at one time 45,000 acres that is huge. Today the main house, overseers house, slaves quarters, and a few other buildings are all that is left but there is plenty to see. The hours change seasonal so check out the website or give them a call to find out if they are open and have tours open.

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Stoney River Legendary Steaks There is a river in Georgia called the Jackson River long ago there was a lodge along that river that travelers could stop at and have good wholesome food. It was named the Stoney River. This was a long time ago and today the original lodge can no longer be found however its legend is still alive today and is what inspired owners of the Stoney River restaurant to open their first doors. With a simple mission of cooking Legendary Steaks there are 10 locations today reaching from Georgia to as far north as Maryland. The restaurants are warm and inviting with ceder planked walls, stone fireplaces, and great big dark wood tables. As soon as you enter the front doors you will be able to smell the steaks on the grill and the friendly attitude of the servers. We went to the location in Towson Maryland and we thought it was a one of a kind location and then we learned that there was 9 other locations and this was not even the first to be built. The food was delicious and of course most of us order steaks. I don’t think I could not order a steak when they are described as legendary. I was able to barely finish the 14 oz New York Strip. It was perfectly cooked to what I ordered which was surprising. My wife’s Well done steak also impressed me. The steak was still juicy and tender but all hint of blood had been cooked out of the steak. It was the best steak I have had the pleasure of eating and would come back again.