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Things to do in Trenton

trentonLooking for religious freedom the area now known as Trenton was originally settled by Quakers in 1679. These people traveled from England looking for “the American Dream” of being able to exercise religious freedom of their previously condemned lifestyle. The town became known as Trent-Towne after William Trent who was the leading landholder at the time. As you can imagine after a few years of saying Trent-Towne the name was officially shortened to Trenton and with a strong name and many citizens the town was on its way to becoming established. Trenton was a small town that was not known for anything in particular until it became famous. The famous depiction we all fondly remember is of Washington crossing the Delaware River to the town of Trenton to defeat the Hessian troops in the Battle of Trenton. A fundamental battle in the war Trenton was the site of Washington’s first military victory and because of the pride and popularity of the town if was briefly the capital of the United States. Although today Trenton is not the capitol a monument stands in its place as a reminder of the pivotal moment when the battle was won. Open for visitors is the monument and museum so that on your vacation you can relive the importance of Trenton.

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A few more things in Trenton

trentonartUnlike anything you have ever experienced before get ready for what Trenton prepares for year round. Starting years ago today’s local tradition is to hold a 24 hour round the clock entertainment event known as Art All Night. No matter what time of the day you are use to going out for entertainment Art All Night will still be going on. The best part is that while you are in town you can feel free to enter, there are more than enough spaces. Whether you are a professional artist, bathroom singer, or a retired actor there is something for you here. With almost 900 people entering annually there will be plenty to offer the coming visitor from live music, interactive art, film festivals, lectures, kids art, food, and so much more this is a fun fill night of arts of all kinds. With no end in sight you will probably have to drink plenty of coffee if you want to see it all and with this much to see you will want to stay up.