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Motor City Brew Tours While in Michigan we I was looking for something fun to do and I fount he Motor City Brew Tours. This tour is a bus tour that visits 3 Michigan brewery’s and takes you on an exclusive guided tour of how the beers are made from start to finish. Each tour lasts about 5 hours as it starts around lunch time where you are fed a delicious but light lunch then everyone hops onto a bus and you are off to the first Brewery. This experience can only be described as part ¼ educational and ¾ social hour. It’s exciting to learn about the brews and try local beers however the real enjoyment is the friends that you make while on the bus. The idea of a brewery bus tour was started in 2009 by Steve and Laura Johnson. Steve and Laura were in Detroit on a wine bus tour. They decided that there are more people that enjoy a good cold beer then a bitter wine and started their very own business. The bus tours were a hit and are sold out each month. Dates very based on when the breweries are willing to do the exclusive tours and they are always a hit. The fair is about 65 bucks a person but varies based on each specific tour. The bus also hits major beer festivals in the area which are all ways sold out in advance. These tours are great place to meet new people and to find out what local micro brews are the best.

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What to eat in Troy

Ocean Prime I don’t often splurge on an expensive meal but when I do… its expensive. While traveling through troy it was a special occasion and we decided to celebrate by dining at Ocean Prime. This was such an exciting night that I even splurge to have our enterprise rental car valet parked. Ocean Prime served up the best food I have eaten in a long time. They specialize in Fish of course but don’t let that discourage you from ordering one of their absolutely mouthwatering Steaks. I couldn’t pass up with so I got went with the surf and turf. It had been a long time since I had lobster and it was better than I remembered. It was perfectly cooked open so it was easy to get to the light tasty meat. I could have eaten twenty of these lobsters tails they were so good. I don’t have two however because I also had a delicious 9 oz. filet minion. It was cooked perfectly to a medium all the way through and when I cut only the tiniest bit a blood touched the plate. It was the best cooked steak I have ever had out of a restaurant. The staff was excellent and the dining room was fresh and new. Everything was kept clean and you could tell that the staff puts a lot of time into making each and every meal special. It does come with a price however and I wouldn’t recommend it for a large family dinner, but for a special night out for a couple its perfect.