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The Children's Museum of Science and Technology When traveling with the kids it is hard to find things that everyone will like. Amusement parks are great fun but not all the kids can ride the same rides. One is almost always just waiting while the others on the ride. Not to mention that prices on amusement parks can be out of this world. One of the tricks I have found during my travels is to find a good museum. They can be both education and fun for the whole family. Kids of all ages love to learn about new and interesting things even if they say they aren’t having fun I’m sure they still are. While in the Troy New York area we found The Children’s Museum of Science and Technology. This museum sparked our kids interest the most because they are hard set focused on being engineers and knowing everything about technology and science, or it could just be that they love our iPad and want to make the next one but as I parent I would rather think the latter. The museum was filled with nice exhibits it took about 2 hours to go through the place there were exhibits on natural renewable resources, wildlife, and even the moon. To top it all off if you want to sit down and rest your legs for a while than plan on attending a show in the Planetarium. This all digital planetarium is a delight and great place to learn and recharge.

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What to eat in Troy

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que 7 What do Dinosaurs and Bar-B-Que have in common? Well it would be nothing if It wasn’t for Dinosaur Bar-B-Que in New York. Dinosaur as I will refer to it from now on it a special kind of restaurant. The first location opened back in 1983 and was designed for bikers. It all started when 3 bikers decided they were tired of the road and wanted a good meal. As bikers they weren’t necessarily welcome at other establishments even though they would be right out rejected. To get started they cut a 55 gallon drum in half put it on wheels and started grilling meat. They went to bike conventions and other festivals up until 1988 and they opened a quick service lunch and dinner joint. That lasted till 1990 when they opened the first full service restaurant. Business took off ad they opened 3 other restaurants one of which is right in Troy. It’s the newest restaurant being only 2 years old but delivers tastes that could only be accomplished with years and years of hard work. Dinosaur Bar-B-Q puts out some of the best beef, ribs, pork, and chicken that I have ate in a long time. Its not just me that thinks they are awesome however most of America does. Dinosaurs has recived awards from Men’s Health and Eating Well magazines, as well as being on the Food Network and Travel channels, to top it all off Good Morning America even named them the Number 1 BBQ.