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Mercedes-Benz Factory With all the outsourcing that goes on in our nation today it is seldom that a factory is still used and operational. This is even more rare when the factory is building cars. Mercedes-Benz actually still has a factory today and its open to the general public to tour. Location in the heart of the south Tuscaloosa Alabama this factory produces three different vehicles the M, R and GL class. The Factory alone is a state of the art facility that employees many people for the 3 shifts that it operates through. The factory employ’s a start here finish here policy where a car enters as pieces of the frame and drives out the bay doors with a full paint job. Another interesting fact about this factory is they don’t keep excess surplus at the factory. There is at most 2 hours of work stockpiled. This saved on space and energy. It uses an automated ordering system that orders supplies that are low. The Factory also consists of a Mercedes-Benz museum that guests can tour. The Museum has a wide collection of vehicles that range from the 1800’s to futuristic concept cars. One of the most interesting exhibits is on the 1885 Daimler motorcycle. This little bit had a wooden frame and looks to be something that you would see in a movie it’s a wonder that it actually ran. The Museum and Visitor center is free to enter and tours of the factory are $5 per guest and reservations are recommend.

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What to explore in Tuscaloosa

Dreamland There isn’t anything that I can think of to be more satisfying then a rack of fall off the bone baby back ribs. There is a place in Tuscaloosa where there is only one way to describe there ribs and it is “Ain’t Nothing Like ‘Em, Nowhere!” If that doesn’t make you want to try some of their ribs then I don’t know what will. At Dreamlands it comes down to just that fact that there ribs can’t be beat there isn’t a place that can make ribs like they can. The first Dreamland was opened in Tuscaloosa in the 1950’s the owners made a special BBQ sauce and started to sell ribs. The sauce they use today is that very same BBQ and the way which they cook the ribs hasn’t changed either. One of the key to the great flavor and tenderness that goes into the ribs is the fact that Dreamland only uses Hickory wood. The ribs are smoked for 12+ hours before they are ready to be served. The Hickory gives the ribs an un mistakable flavor that is unique and amazing. Besides ribs Dreamland serves up a mean selection of other BBQ items. Pretty much anything you would expect to find at a great BBQ place is here at Deamland. You can find Chopped Pork, Smoked Sausage, Chopped smoked chicken, homemade baked beans, and a sloppy side of coleslaw.