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Things to do in Union

unionstripWhile in Union city stop by and see the miracle mile. This commercial strip has not only been around since the beginning of the town but is the longest and largest strip of commercial stores in the state. Originally the strip was home to the general store and local post office and the road was only the width of a horse trail. While the strip is still narrow it has been widen to have a narrow one way street. This strip of stores stretches the length of the entire city and even stretches into New York uninterrupted. Home to over 300 stores and restaurants it is quite a site to see. Union City also houses many parades such as the Memorial Day parade that draws in a crowd and the parade routes always are down this route. Offering modern conveniences such as side walk and cross walks it is a busy but safe place for visitors to take to the streets and get involved in the local flair.

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A few more things in Union

unionparkIn Union they focus on kids being outside and want you to do the same when you come visit. Planning and hard work over all these years has led to one ultimate and wonderful conclusion: 36 parks spreading over 6,768 acres. While Union is still primarily a urban city offering the retail stores and sky rises like any other one this town has put away almost 10% of it city’s area just to parks. Providing everything one could desire these parks are but scenic and fun. If you are in town and want to hit the putting range you are in luck and will find a home at one of the golf parks. For the more adventurous people there is a horseback riding park. For the sports goers there is tennis, swimming, jogging, soccer, archery and baseball.  From the scenic landscaping of the Azalea park to the serene nature of the Shakespeare park this city has a lot to offer you while you are in town. Get out of that stuffy hotel room and come enjoy nature at its finest.