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Things to do in Vancouver

officers-rowLocated 300 miles south of the more widely know Vancouver in Canada you can find the original Washington Vancouver.  While both cities were named in honor of sea captain George Vancouver the Washington location preceded Canada 60 years before with the building of the historic Fort Vancouver trading post.  Vancouver is a city rich in history and what better place to see it than the beautifully restored Officers Row. This stretch of 22 Victorian homes date back to the mid-1800s and all are on the National Historic Register. For over a century these homes severed as a place to live for officers, soldiers, and their families in the Vancouver barracks. Back in the 1970s citizens came together in effort to restore the homes and by the 1980s the U.S. Army gave the deeds to the homes to the city. The city put forth 10 million dollars in funding to rehabilitate these homes to the beauty you can stroll along today. Among these homes you will find the George C. Marshall house which today in open to the public and is filled with antiques from the 1880s. Back in the 1880s this home was the center of sophisticated activities as it served as the home to the commanding officer of the Department of Colombia. After visiting the Marshall house stroll on over a few houses to the Grant House Restaurant. As the name insinuates this house was home to Ulysses S. Grant as he served as quartermaster before his presidency, he liked the home so much that he came back as a visitor as after his two terms. Among the many other houses you can find General O.O Howards home. Not all the homes are open to the public but across the street you can find public park where you can find most of the residents of the street enjoying the sun. If you are looking for breathtaking beauty on your trip be sure to stop by Officers Row.

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A few more things in Vancouver

cedarcreekWhat would a trip to Vancouver be without a stop by the only grinding mill in Washington? The Cedar Creek Grist Mill is a nation historic landmark which was originally built in 1876 by George Woodman.  Powered by the water from Cedar Creek the people of the town would bring their grain and corn to be grounded by the stones. Because it was a frequent gathering place for the towns peoples it is no surprise that the mill quickly became a place for dances and festivities. Over the years a blacksmith and mechanic shop were added on over the years to make the mill more profitable the mill still to this day maintains its original structure. When you stop in for your tour you will be put straight to work learning how to pulleys and belts spinning above you work to produce the flour, corn meal, and even apple cider below you.  As you leave you get to keep samples of all the products the mill can make using only natural water as an energy source.