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Things to do in Vineland

glassVineland is home to many interesting and involving things but our personal favorite is the Museum of Glass. In the 1960s a man by the name of Frank H. Wheaton was visiting a glass museum and noticed that most of the early American glass was actually produced in his home state of New Jersey. Excited and encouraged by this revelation he created a dream of bringing the selection of glass back home and adding to it. Wheaton was able to purchase the exhibit of New Jersey glass and started on the foundation of what is now one of the most recognized collections in the world. Soon buildings were constructed and over time they have only grown. For example what is now known as the administration buildings once used to house the entire collection. Today the collection holds over 12,000 pieces and wrap through the building starting with the oldest and working to the newest. The oldest building is dates to 1739 and comes from the first successful glass factory in America. You can stop by today and take tours through the building whether you are student, adult, or art collector yourself there is a tour for you. Small children have their own specially designed glass hunt that they can take through the building similar to hide and seek. Come learn about the New Jersey’s pride in their history.

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A few more things in Vineland

junkOne of the most interesting places to visit in Vineland would be the Palace of Depression.  This building got its name because it was built during the Wall Street Crash of 1929. George Daynor was a man who loved attention. He publically claimed to be the “most photographed man in the world.” Daynor had even been to jail once for craving attention so much that he called the FBI and reported a fake kidnapping just got get the attention of the police. Daynor came to the U.S. to be an Alaskan gold miner and when he lost his fortune he had decided to get attention somewhere else. If he could get attention from his nice stuff.. he would get attention for his junk. Dayon built a house on 7 acres that he only paid 7 dollars for. Built entirely out of junk this house and charged 25 cents apiece to come see the “Strangest house in the world” that it was called. Unfortunately Dayon died at 104 and after his death the house burned to the ground. The house is currently being rebuilt and by the time you get to Vineland there will be a whole new house of junk waiting for you.