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Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation Massachusetts has been an industry since its birth. It has helped to spire the industrial revolution and make America a more modern place to live. There are specific towns that have had a larger impact on industry then others and Waltham is one of the ones that have hard a large impact. The citizens have tried and succeeded in saving a lot of that history through the use of museums and one great place to visit and learn about the city’s past is the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation. The Museum is a masterpiece and has pieces of history from all ages. For examples one exhibit that the museum has is Steam Power. Steam Power is just that an exhibit about how steam was the fuel for the revolution. It powered locomotives or trains, cities, fire engines and much more. The Museum even has several of those items in its display that you can see up close and personal. Steam powered devises aren’t the only thing that Charles River has to offer there is lots more and you will see Marvelous Machines scattered all over the place. There are many cool and interesting industrial machines that the average person wouldn’t run into on a daily basis. There is and vintage machine that makes small candy bags and it even puts out 40,000 an hour. The museum is filled with other cool machines like one that makes the tiny little screws that are found in pocket and wrist watches.

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What to explore in Waltham

Gore Place Even wonder what the inside of an estate from the 1800’s looks like on the inside? Well when visiting Waltham you can find out first hand. Not far outside of Waltham you can find the Gore Place, this estate was the home of Christopher and Rebecca gore during the summer months. The Gores would bring distinguished Dignitaries to this estate and entertain them. The Estate over the years has had quite a hard run, after the Gores died their possessions were auctioned off and the home was sold and changed hands several time until in 1921 when it was sold and became a golf club. The club was very prosperous until the great depression when it fell into disrepair the bank took the land. In 1935 the bank had planes to destroy the great estate and simply sell the land for houses when a Mrs. Helen Patterson managed to gather enough resources and friends to save the house and for the last 75+ years it has been being restored and today is a beautiful museum that can be toured. It is only shown by guided tours but that can be a good thing as everything is not kept behind glass but kept as a real house that can been see close up. Admission if $12 for adults and $6 for kids. Tours are given at 1pm during the week. And then at 12, 1,2, and 3 on Saturdays. The Gore Place is a great place to visit and see the rich history of the estate.