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Alaskan Tour Guides Day Tours There is a time of year that everybody loves and that is the time when you go on vacation. There were many places that you were looking at before you made you big trip, but there was one place that you always wanted to visit, Alaska. After careful research, you figure out that the place that you wanted to go was Wasilla, Alaska. There is so much to do in Wasilla, you are going to have to plan accordingly to get to all of the places that you want to see. To help make that happen a little easier, what you want make sure that you are behind the wheel of a safe and reliable rental vehicle. You will be able to get just that when you get a discount rental car from Enterprise. Wasilla is home to many wonderful things to see, so why not do something that will showcase a number of the things that you want to see? Alaskan Tour Guides Day Tours is the place that you want to go when you want to see a lot of everything Wasilla and Alaska has to offer. Alaskan Tour Guides Day Trips offers so much more that just day trips. You can chhose to take a tour that only lasts a few hours, or you can choose a tour that can last a couple of days. Either one that you choose to go one, you know that you are going to have a great time. The tour guides are very professional, courteous and knowledgeable and they will tell you everything about the area that you are visiting. If you think that they are missing something, or if you have any questions, they will certainly be there to answer them for you. Thses tours showcase everything from the Alaskan wilderness, the Kenai Fjords, Mount McKinley and the Alaskan wildlife that calls this wilderness their home. So, what are you waiting for? Get in your Enterprise discount car rental and head over to the Alaskan Tour Guides Day Tours and see what Alaska is all about.

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Independence Mine State ParkAfter you spend some time on the great Alaskan frontier, why not head to a place that will tell you about some of the history of Alaska and why people flocked to this state seeking their fortune. The Independence Mine State Historical Park is a must see when you are visiting Wasilla, Alaska. Remember, the best way to reach all of these popular destinations is to get a discount rental car from Enterprise. You will find great car rental coupons and deals for Enterprise in Wasilla right here on When you arrive at Independence Mine State Historical Park, the first thing that you are going to notice is the absolutely gorgeous mountain scenery that surrounds the area. It is easy to get caught in the moment, just gazing miles upon miles of prestine Alaskan real estate. You will rarely feel more at peace in all your life than standing in front of it all. You will have a couple of options at the state park. You can go look around the park on your own, or you can go on a guided tour led my expert tour guides that will tell you all that you want to know about Independence Mine State Park. There was a gold rush in Alaska in the late 1890's, that sent a torrent of would be prospectors flooding into the area to seek the fortune on gold. Today, you can still see the old mine at Independence Mine. It was made into a stat park in 1983, to presereve the mine and to share the rich history of Wasilla, Alaska. Do not miss out on this once in a life time opportunity while you are visiting the Alaskan frontier. Getting there could not be easier, especially when you are behind the wheel of an Enterprise discount rent a car. Be sure that you use to get all of the best deals and rental car coupons so that you save to most amount of money on your next rental car.