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Things to do in Waukesha
Waukesha County Museum

  Waukesha is a smaller city in Wisconsin but never the less worth stopping by. The Waukesha County Museum is something you will have to see hands on. Located in the center of downtown Waukesha, it’s in the original 1893 County courthouse. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 10-4:30. Rates are very affordable making this a great quick stop to kill an hour or spend the whole day exploring. Adult admissions is $6, seniors 62 and up are $5, students jut $3, and children 5 and under are free. The museum has ongoing exhibits that can be enjoyed all year long. Some of these exhibits have the Civil War at its center. These exhibits consist of architecture and wool productions from the time. There are even some dollhouses showing how the soldiers lived during the time. Outside the Civil War exhibit you will find exciting technology. Most of which transferred the Waukesha area during the turn of the century. With most museums there are always rotation exhibits to keep people coming back time and time again to see the new along with the old. Waukesha County Museum is currently featuring a “Behind the Vaults: Treasure from the County Museum Collections” exhibit. This exhibit showcases how the museum collects and preserves history. It highlights the careful process of authenticating original works and showing the great care Waukesha County Museum takes to preserve these pieces of history. The Waukesha County Museum is a great affordable spot on any vacation and one your family will sure enjoy.

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A few more things in Waukesha
Waukesha Downtown

  Another park of Waukesha that you can enjoy is the Historic Downtown area and River walk. After enjoying the beautiful museum you need just to step outside and walk around the wonderful artistic buildings. These building are filled with shops, art studios, and absolutely delicious restaurants. One of the most interesting gallery’s in the area is Spontaneous Gallery. Spontaneous is just that spontaneous, the gallery prides itself in showcasing art that you might not see in other places. Because of that some of their art might not be appropriate for the younger eyes in your family. They have all types of art from paintings to beautiful tribal carvings. Another close favorite is Random Twigs, and yes you guess it they specialize in random artwork from wood. On the other end of the spectrum there are great eats in the end one of which the whole family will enjoy is Sloppy Joe’s Soda Fountain. This is best sandwich you are going to get out of Waukesha. Sloppy Joe’s is an age old red and white checkered American dinner. Items on the menu are reasonable priced such as their Super Nachos at $4.99. Just like any dinner they have an assortment of other drinks like milkshakes. Joes is a great place to take your family and you might even get to witness a birthday party and Hula-hoop contest.