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Norton Museum of ArtNorton Museum of Art West Palm Beach, Florida
The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach, Florida houses a spectacular collection of artworks that total more than 5,000 works, with large holdings in American, Chinese and European art, along with photography and contemporary art. Ralph Hubbard Norton would begin the museum in 1941, with his first wife, Elizabeth Calhoun Norton, since he had the money after retiring from the Chicago based Acme Steel Company and moving to West Palm Beach to enjoy the easy living lifestyles of the rich and wealthy. He had amassed a small fortune in paintings and sculptures, and wanted to share his holdings with the rest of the community and those beyond. Marion Sims Wyeth, would design the late art deco/neoclassical structure that opened its doors in February 1941 and would be a magical place to visit and view the many beautiful works that he had collected. The outstanding museum would enjoy a large expansion to its previous 45,000 square feet of spaces in 2001, when the Gail and Melvin Nessel Wing would be added to augment the growing and excellent museum, adding more space until its overall size would be 122,500 square feet, opening in 2003. The new addition would add plenty of space to install more works and to expand the marvelous permanent collection. That wing would add another fourteen galleries to the museum, as well as an enclosed courtyard that would be perfect for those social and educational events that would fit in; a three story atrium that was designed to showcase the museum's artworks and a beautiful glass ceiling installation that had been commissioned to Dale Chihuly, as well as a cantilevered spiral staircase. The museum had been famous right from the start with its fabulous collection of masterpieces from the 19th and 20th centuries, with paintings and sculptures by European artists like Picasso, Monet, Gauguin, Miro, Matisse and Brancusi, along with American masters like O'Keefe, Pollock, Hassam, Hopper, Davis, Sheeler and Manship. The museum has a wonderful program for Saturdays that allows you to enter free of charge, so if you plan on stopping by the area, or if you just want to take a Saturday afternoon drive, then it would be the perfect time to visit this magnificent museum. Other significant artists include Charles Marion Russell, Mary Cassatt, George Wesley Bellows, Valerio Castello, Giovanni Maria Butteri, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Marc Chagall and Georges Braque and Giorgio de Chirico.

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Peanut IslandPeanut Island Palm Beach County, Florida
Peanut Island in Palm Beach County, Florida, is a man-enhanced island that is now 79 acres sitting at the mouth of the Lake Worth Inlet that had been created by using the dredgings from numerous projects pertaining to that dredging that had been done in 1918, which would create the inlet as well as the Port of Palm Beach. It had been called Inlet Island, but then renamed Peanut Island when a planned peanut oil shipping operation was begun and failed in 1946. The next significant occasion that would occur on the island would be the secret construction of a blast shelter for John F. Kennedy sometime after he was elected President of the United States in 1960. Jack would often spend the winters down by Palm Beach, and felt that the shelter would be necessary after the fiasco that occurred at the Bay of Pigs, and the aftermath that brought Soviet missiles to the island of Cuba; which was then followed by the Cuban Missile Crisis. The shelter, today, is run by the Palm Beach Maritime Museum, and it is open for tours, allowing visitors of today to come and see one of the most unique shelters that was constructed during the Cold War era, and significant concerns for the welfare of our President. The island would enjoy a $13 million restoration in 2005 that would create camp sites, a manmade reef and a pier, since there aren't any means of traveling to the isolated island other than by boat; with local water taxis available as well as boat rentals. There are three restroom facilities located on the island for visitor's convenience, but there aren't any vending machines or other places to get food or drink, so you are advised to bring your own; the island prohibits any type of commercial business from being there. There are pedestrian walkways where you can bike, rollerblade, skate or use skateboards, but no motorized vehicles of any type are allowed here. There is also a fishing pier, natural area beach camping, picnic and pavilion areas, along with a marvelous snorkeling lagoon. It is a fantastic place to get away from all the tourist areas located around the city, and one of the most enjoyable natural environments that you can take pleasure from in a state that is constantly fighting for more tourist dollars.

February 02, 2011