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Brookside Garden Sometimes while traveling on vacation you just need to get outside and relax around some of natures beauty. In Wheaton Maryland there is a beautiful park known as Wheaton Regional Park. Wheaton Regional Park is open daily and free to all visitors. Inside the park is the Brookside Gardens, here there is over 50 acres of beautiful gardens filled with lush colors and flowers. There are 11 different gardens types or area inside of Brookside Gardens. One of the most popular is the Aquatic Garden here there are two large ponds and a gazebo that water love plants thrive in and bloom with bright colors. The next part of the garden is the Azalea Garden here over 300 different beautiful types of azaleas are displayed daily over about an area housing 2000 plants. If you are lucky enough to visit the garden during the summer months then be sure to bring a few bucks and checkout the Butterfly Garden. It’s a seasonal event and unlike the park it requires a small admission fee. One of my favorite parts of the garden is the fragrance garden. Here plants that’s that have strong smells and produce blooms are that easily identifiable can be found. It fills your senses with a sense of life and beauty that can’t be found in the middle of a large city where pollution from cars is the only smell for miles around. The garden is a great place to go and spend a day relaxing or just a few hours enjoying the natural beauty nature has to offer.

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What to see in Wheaton

Royal Mile Pub Growing up my parents would stay away from any restaurant that had Pub in the name. They always had a reason of this or that, Beef o Brady’s was even on the short list most of the time. Now that I’ve grown up and traveling often I almost always have to find a good old laid back up to relax at night. Its not really for the bar but just the friendly staff that you can find and the food. Traveling through Wheaton Maryland led me to the Royal Mile Pub. Now at first I was left wondering while it was called the Royal Mile but after I saw the menu I quickly found out that it was an English pub. I love English food and it was the perfect end to a long day on the road. The staff was just brilliant, I even get my obviously not English server to put on his best accent which should have never seen the light of day, but it was worth the laugh. Their food was nothing like most pubs and didn’t let me wanted anything after we finished our meals. If there is one type of food that the English know how to make its Desert, and I had to try some before we left. I was already stuffed but that didn’t stop me from driving straight into a delicious bowl of fruit cobbler. I left full and wanted to come back the next night but I was heading out early in the morning to continue my trip. It was a place that I will miss and want to stop at again.