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Things to do in Wheeling

wheelingoldmainBethany College is located right here in the city of Wheeling. Founded on March, 2 1840 the college has been a well rounded and nationally noticed college. The campus itself may be one of the largest and prettiest attractions in Wheeling, measuring in at 1,300 acres the campus lies in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. While you are in Wheeling it may be the perfect opportunity to stop and see one of the country's earliest intact large-scale examples of collegiate Gothic architecture. This building known as Old Main Was and has been the dominant building at the small rural college in West Virginia known as Bethany College. The school was founded by Alexander Campbell who is well known as the principal founder of the Christian Church. While Alexander Campbell not only founded the school he also provided the land and funds for the first building and served as the University’s first president.  Bethany College is the starter college for hundreds of Universities that came to follow it all being started by the same church.  This large gothic building is perfect place to sight see while you are in West Virginia. Take your time and tour the campus. Go in the enchanting Library and spend some time with the books. The large and beautiful campus will bring beautiful pictures and fun memories to any vacation. The rural country side of Wheeling awaits you.

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A few more things in Wheeling

wheelingMake sure to stop by the Children’s Museum of Ohio Valley to let your kids enjoy a fun break. First let your kids enjoy a Stream Table to enjoy the wonders of water. Next let your kids enjoy the fun times in the Construction Zone. Here they can spend some time building new things and learning fun activities with their hands. In the Art Box kids can make something to take home and have a fun time getting crafty. The Lego Bar give the kids hundreds upon hundreds of Legos to play with for hours on end. In Animal Alley the kids can get in touch with their animal side as they learn and discover more about these curious creatures. The museum offers a Soft Spot and Reading Nook where they can take a break off their feet and enjoy some cozy reading time.   The climbing wall will let kids climb and adventure up, down, and every which way! The Puppet Theater gives you time to get creative as you live on the adventurous side. For further creativity look into the Stage where the kids put on their own productions! A fun time for the little ones awaits you in Wheeling.