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tiptopInside of the town of Hartford Vermont you will find the village of White River Junction. A community hub for the surrounding cites this town is use to being the center of attention. Being the first and largest railroad center gets a town use to having people coming and going. The town has turned its railroad hub past into a very fun and quirky village. The old buildings still stand and give the town the 1800s architectural feel but the building and old hostiles are not so reserved on the inside. Reinvented as an artist colony the funky feel of the village is bustling with energy inside of the Tip Top Building. Every town has a business center but none has one quite like this. The building is devised of a complex of several other buildings all dating back to the late 1800s that were originally a commercial bakery. Encouraging artistic energy the building is home to over 40 art studios, cafes, and shops. A one of a kind way to promote a creative economy you have to see this place to believe it.

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A few more things in White River Junction

mainstreetPart of the downtown rejuvenation the old historic fire station was transformed into the Main Street Museum. The alternative museum of the north, the Main Street Museum reflects everything that the town is. Founded in 1992 by David Fairbanks this museum is as crazy as the town center. With the architecture of the building still reflecting the old historic roots the inside seem anything but organized. The museum is very eccentric and plays off of the concept of “Old Cabinet Curiosities.” Categories include: Flora; Fauna; significant objects from around the world; evidence of tramps; Round Things; Tangled Things; journals; extraneous bits of local history, sheet music; postcard collections; electromagnetism devices; relics from the head injury of Phineas Gage; Elvis impersonators; live music; taxidermy and biological anomalies (dehydrated cats).