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Wings Air There is something about a Helicopter that turns even the most grown up of men into little kids again. I remember I was able to visit a military research site for a family day and they had an apache helicopter for viewing. It was huge, bigger than I ever thought or bigger then movies can make them feel. The technology they goes into them and the ability to hover and land anywhere I think are the real draws to helicopters. You can land and take off in your backyard if you have the right equipment and permits. I was visiting Midtown Manhattan and I just kept seeing Helicopters. They were flying from roof top to rooftop, I was amazed and looked into it and found that they are charters. Like taxi’s but with a higher fair and have to be set up in advance. I wanted to give it a shot so I set up a charter for my wife and I we went in the city but was in White Plains now and that was actually the home of Wings Air. Wings Air is one of what I’m sure is many helicopter charter businesses. They also do flight lessons and certifications. Wings air prides themselves at being completely in house all of their maintance are done with in their hangers by their own mechanics. This keeps the helicopters in top condition. They also use a Schweizer 300C for training purposes. Its no the most common helicopter for flight school but it is the number one used helicopter for training combat pilots in the army. It is overall a better helicopter then the Robinson R-22 Beta that is used by most other pilot schools.

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City Limits Dinner 7 There is something about a dinner that is tried and true. I’m not talking about a dinner on the sides of a road in the middle of no where with the one old waitress behind the bar that really doesn’t want to be there. That’s the movie version. What I’m talking about is a dinner that creates delicious from scratch dishes with such a verity that you can have a steak and veggie wrapped shrimp at the same place. This dinner has a name and its City Limits Dinner. There are two in existence and are perhaps the best dinner’s I have had the privilege to step into. The location that I can vouch for is in White Plains the other is in Stamford CT and I’m sure its every bit as good as the White Plains location. The dinner has a very classic atmosphere. There are lots of bright colors and of course they have the classic two tone vinyl seats. Like any good dinner City Limits is open all day from 7 am to 10 during the week and 11 during the weekend. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and I was not disappointed by City Limits. I had to get a sampler plate because I wanted to try everything. They had made from scratch pan cakes better than mom used to make as well as apple wood bacon, and sausage that blows your mind. City Limits Dinner is a great place to eat anytime of the day and with any crowd.