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Old Cowtown MuseumOld Cowtown Museum Wichita, Kansas
The Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, Kansas is a wonderful living history museum that is situated beside the Arkansas River, concentrating on the life in Wichita and the southern plains of the state as it existed during the final years of the 19th century. The museum operates more than twenty-six historic structures, that include a 5 acre farmstead, a saloon and a blacksmith shop. It houses numerous animals like a Longhorn steer, a retired US Cavalry horse and Percheron horses. The museum also sponsors and hosts numerous exciting and interesting events during the year, and has just finished constructing a 6,000 square foot visitor's center that is available to rent for any type of occasions. Take a daring step back into the 1870s, and let the sights, sounds and activities that were prevelant back then help you to understand more of that era, and the exciting hardy people that frequented these streets and shops so long ago. You could take an old fashioned wagon ride, or visit the humble abode of the town's first settler and founder, Darium Munger and be sure to stop at Marshall Murdock's house who would be credited with single handedly promoting the town and its growth through his newspaper. You can get an old drink called sarsaparilla in the saloon, or just wander around the town, looking into the various shops and stores that were around back then or just enjoy watching the many folks dressed up in western gear, looking as if they were going to some outlandish Halloween party that was themed about the old west. It is all here and waiting for you and your family to come and visit, spending some time learning about the history and heritage of this old western town, with so many things to do and see that you just might have to grab a small room at the local hotel. There are many interactive learning possibilities, that will tell you about the living history that is happening right in front of you, or watch one of the many historic reenactments that are put on just for your pleasure and visit. Their educational programs will help you to remember the history of the region and give you a better insight into the hard and dangerous times that these folks endured. There are a few significant exhibits that you just have to visit to get a better "feel" for the olden times and these include the hunter/trader area, the Old West immersion, industrial/business area, the 1880 DeVore farm, the residential street and the old drovers camp so that you can learn what hardships these young men had to endure to ride the range and herd cattle.

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Museum of World TreasuresMuseum of World Treasures Wichita, Kansas
The Museum of World Treasures in Wichita, Kansas is a fantastic world history museum that showcase many spectacular wonders of the world today and include a tyrannosaurus, the signatures of all the United States Presidents, the Scarecrow's pitchfork from the Wizard of Oz, a dapletosaurus and tyolsaurus, a part of the Berlin Wall and Egyptian mummies to watch over it all. The museum opened in 2001 in downtown Wichita, with the majority of the exhibits coming from the collections of the museum's founder, Dr. Jon Kardatzke, who had been a private collector for more than four decades as he practiced medicine. Jon retired after 35 years as a private practice clinician and knew that it was time for him to showcase his magnificent collection, and during those first years, as the museum continued to grow and expand, it now houses the collections from more than 30 private collectors; as well as those outstanding items that have been donated to it. There are three wonderful floors of exhibits, with each floor representing a different period in world history, with the first floor concentrating on mostly fossils and ancient human history and a room completely dedicated to geology; the second floor concentrates on military history, royalty from across the globe and presidents; and the third floor showcase an ensemble of materials that have come from our history here in America. The first floor gallery includes the ancient civilizations that include African, Near East, Buddhas, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, Pre-Columbian, Roman coins and southeast Asia, Berlin Wall, fossil gallery, gems and minerals, ancient weapons, two Egyptian mummies, statues and pottery, gold jewelry and coffins. The second floor houses the presidents gallery, the military gallery that includes relics from the Civil War, Korea, WWI, WWII, Vietnam and Beck Harbor, and the royalty gallery with the Hapsburg window and exhibits about Henry I and II. The third floor is equally interesting and contains many fantastic items that are sure to please and intrigue you.

February 01, 2011