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knoebelsGet ready to have some fun in Wilkes Barre. Welcome to the local amusement park, Knoebles is family owned and operated and proud since 1926. Featured on the Discovery Channel and with awards from Amusement Today, American Coaster Enthusiasts and The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction Knoebels Amusement Park offers something for everyone. Knoebles offers picnic areas, camping, swimming, fishing, golfing and rides. Ride Black Diamond and prepare to ride through a 3 level haunted mansion. Take off on the Flyer where you can sail through the air as you control your path from grass to the birds fly along with what you want. Take the kids to the antique Carousal that was built 1913 as the spin around on a timeless classic. Next take off through the woods as you relax and enjoy the scenery. This ½ mile long train track lets you see wildlife and take some time off your feet. Ride the Bumper Boats and fly across the water as you bounce into one another.  Enjoy some family competition as you challenge each other in a round of laser tag. Blow off some steam in the shooting room. Enjoy a 4D motion ride in as you soar along with the screen in this interactive theater. Spend hours in the Playroom arcade and play some of the classic thrillers. Go to the Bald Eagle Habitation and learn some about these majestic creatures. With 57 rides, free admission, two wooden roller coasters, a 1912 carousel, haunted houses, golf, and campouts there is something for everyone here.

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A few more things in Wilkes Barre

coalWhile in Wilkes Barre you should discover much more than you can see on the surface. It’s time to explore under the surface, way under the surface. Travel 300 feet down under the soil and explore a coal mine from the 1860. As you descend the 3-4 min journey down the mine shaft you will watch the trees, the grass, and the sun disappear. You and a miner will travel down the down he will tell you the methods and history of the mine shaft. Through the years many stories have transpired through these chutes and there are plenty of things to tell. Learn the miner lingo and figure out what he means when he says you are winding underground gangways and rock tunnel past three different veins of hard coal, past the mule boy and the nipper, past the monkey vein and the dead chute. You will probably want to bring a jacket because the mine stay a cool 53 degrees year round. The mine tour will take about one hour and starches over ½ mile. Very informative and wonderfully extensive this tour will bring excitement and intrigue into your vacation.