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Things to do in Williamsport

trolleyLike many Pennsylvania city’s Williamsport has a rich and long history. The city of Williamsport got early starts into the lumber industry that made it a prosperous town with both beauty and purpose. During the 1800s the Lumber Capital of the world and the prosperous town continued to grow and with enough money coming to support growth and development the city only continued to grow. People from far and wide were drawn to the prosperous growth of the city and chances for investment. The town soon is erupted into a place of millionaires. Lavish homes, giant buildings, and breaking science were brought to Williamsport. The fast, biggest, and best was brought to Pennsylvania. By 1819 Williamsport had electric streetcars one year before the rest of the world. Today there charming antique street trolley are still around to take you on a tour of Millionaires Row while on your visit to Williamsport.

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A few more things in Williamsport

paddleWith the extra money and lumber coming through Williamsport the city looked at all advances and luxuries and had the Hiawatha Paddleboat built. Today the paddleboat still lets you experience the heritage of the city and as you ride up the Susquehanna River. Come out on a public tour and hear the history of the town as you ride down the peaceful river. Family Night Cruises will offer activities and games for the whole family. The Karaoke Cruise offers drinks for the adults and a chance to kick your boots up and try you try your hardest to belt out these words on key. Come out on Wing Night and get down with some all you can eat wings for the wing lovers in your vacation. Hiawatha also offers Brunch and Dinner cruises for families or couples. The Quizzo cruise gives you a chance to get in touch with you competitive side as you challenge your family in this locally loves game.  Whether you are in town for a provate party, wedding, or concert anything is possible on this paddleboat. As you get off the paddleboat spend some time at the Susquehanna State park and enjoy the picnic areas, grills, playground, and fishing areas. Something for everyone awaits you in Williamsport.