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Battleship North Carolina The first time I stepped foot on a navy vessel it was in my twenties and I was on the USS Alabama which has been made into a very large museum. After that experience I take every opportunity even going out of my way to check out retired navy vessels. The engineering and sheer size of the vessels is just amazing. Most ships are longer than a football field and when they were operation during the World Wars they had over 1000 men aboard. While traveling through Wilmington North Carolina I saw a sign saying turn here for Battleship North Carolina. Without asking my wife I promptly turned and abounded out other plans to explore the battle ship. At first she was confused but after understood because she also loves visiting historic ships. The USS North Carolina was the first of her type to be comissed in 1941 for World War II she was considered to be a fast battle ship. She was a huge ship being 728 feet long and 108 feet wide and displaced more then 44 thousands tons of water when fully loaded. The crazy part about this ship is that during World War II there was two thousand three hundred and thirty-nine men. Today it is a museum that’s open to the public.

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Caprice Bistro Fancy food in a relaxed atmosphere that is essential how I would describe a bistro. Willington has an amazing and authentic French Bistro that can compete with the best of them. Caprice Bistro is a growing sensation and each and every year it gets busier and busier. The bistro has two sections the first is a classic Bistro Style Dinning Room that sports tables in a sit down restaurant fashion, the second part is a Sofa Lounge. It is exactly as it sounds it’s a room filled with clean and squishy sofa’s. It’s the perfect place to sit back and relax after a long day or a big meal. Kick back with friends and family or a few strangers you want to meet everyone is welcome and the full bar will make sure everyone over 21 has a drink in hand that never gets empty. The food at Caprice bistro is French and Belgium containing crapes, mussels, and lots of pasta. Caprice takes advantage of the markets and fishermen that North Carolina has and gets all of the food as fresh as they can. One can enjoy a delicious local Carolina Trout for only 15.95. Or the more hardy but filling Grouper “Brandade” also a local catch for just $19.95. What ever your poison is Caprice will be sure to make sure you leave happy.