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Things to do in Wind River

windriverWind River brings big pioneer living right to your back door. While you are in Wind River you will have the unique experience to explore the old ghost towns and rediscover the mining era. As you explore the old gold mining town you will get to explore the 20 original structures that still stand there. Search through thousands of original artifacts and enjoy the interpretive self-guided walking tour. Travelers can explore a new Historic Trail located in Wyoming's Wind River Country. You will have a chance to interpret the role that so many traveling miners played as they came hurrying in search of the gold rush. Discover the role these minerals played in the development of Wyoming’s economy and how it became such a vital role of Wyoming’s heritage. Discover as much of the trail as you want to. The first segment of the trail alone is 100 miles long and along it you will find plenty of signs along the route describing the historical significance of the particular area. Discover the "Gold Flakes to Yellowcake Trail" whose maps and interpretive signs lead travelers through a self-guided driving tour from South Pass City to the Gas Hills uranium mining area.  While you are on this route, visitors will tour areas that saw mining activity from the 1860s - 1980s including the Atlantic City and Miners Delight gold mining sites, the Atlantic City iron ore mine, the Jeffrey City uranium mining area and the site of the historic Lucky Mc uranium strike. There is also a gift shop at the end of your tours near the welcome center so that you can grab a souvenir to remember this remarkable trip.

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A few more things in Wind River

windWhile you are in Wind River you will have the unique experience to visit Sacajawea’s burial site on the Wind River Indian Reservation. Sacajawea was an Indian interpreter on Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery Expedition across the Rocky Mountains. Sacajawea was born in what is now present day Idaho she was kidnapped during a hostile Indian raid and taken when she was 12. At age 13 her life changed yet again.  Touissant Charbonneau, a French fur trapper, was in town and while it is not known whether he either bought her or won her by gambling he took her home and made her his wife. Sacajawea’s life had drastically changed and by the time she was 16 she was pregnant and living in a Hidastu village along the Missouri River near Fort Mandan. As things would have it her life was about to change again because this is where the Lewis and Clark expedition had made its winter camp. While Lewis and Clark were on the island they had hired her husband, Charbonneau serve as an interpreter during their expositions. Lewis and Clark then learned that Sacajawea spoke Shoshone and asked her to accompany the expedition as well. Sacajawea played a vital role in the expedition’s success and is still remembered and though highly of by all that are on the camp. While you are in Wind River you will have the unique experience to visit her grave site.