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Old Salem Museums & Gardens In history class if you mention the name of Salem you will probably get one response and that is in reference to the Salem Witch trials. Winston Salem of North Carolina is a very old town that has a lost of history and heritage. Today one of the most popular things to do in town is to head right out of town and take a visit to the Old Salem Museums & Gardens. Old Salem isn’t your normal museum that exhibits on display that you can view at your leisure. No Old Salem takes pride in their small town and the museum are actually age old crafts. Old Salem is filled with wonderful people who still make things the old way. Come and visit the Museums and Gardens and get the chance to see a carpenter make a dresser from strict with no power tools. Take a trip over to the back smith and see how he can work metal into any shape he wishes. Another great craft is the loams. See the seamstresses of the town make cloth from just a spool of thread. The why which they did it back in time is very similar to how we make cloth today however it is done 100 times after and by machines. Old Salem is a great place to visit anytime of the year bring the family or by your self you are bond to enjoy it either way.

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What to eat in Winston Salem

Fabian's 7 If you take the opportunity to visit Old Salem be sure to ask one of the locals were you should eat. I did and they suggested Fabian’s. Fabian’s isn’t your run of the mill chain restaurant that serves steaks, chicken, burgers, and salads. It’s the type of restaurant that you take your special someone too. They make delicious dishes that are out of this world. The restaurant isn’t that large but it makes for a nice intimate dinning experience. The building is absolutely beautiful, the inside is exposed brick just like the outside and the old food frames are left exposed. It looks a little bit like a wine cellar and that theme is further emphasized by the hundreds of wine bottles stacked along the wall. It looks as if they could have supplied the entire north during the prohibition. Don’t get me wrong it was amazing looking and I would love to go back. The food was top notch the signature dish was duck and I had never had it before so I decide to give it a shot. I wasn’t that big of a fan it was to fancy for my tastes. This is what really surprised me because without even asking my server could tell I didn’t like it and he brought me out a delicious grilled chicken breast instead. I was just blown away by the level of service and how they just wanted to make us happy.