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Things to do in Yakima

yakimaLocated in Yakima Valley the promises of prosperous agriculture were noted early on for the city of Yakima, Washington. Back in the 1800s the Lewis and Clark Expedition was inspired by the rich soil and abundant livestock and apparently they were right to have an interest. Today Yakima is noted for being one of the best apple producing areas in the world. Along with dairy, livestock, vegetables and wine the city produces about 75% of all the hops grown in the United States. For an interesting tour to learn more about the produce you eat you can stop in at Bill’s Berry Farm, but his isn’t your average Orchard. Loved and cared for by the owner Bill he, his wife, and their eight children maintain the property. Let the family show you around as their home as you are given a tour of the Orchards and a chance to pick your own fruit. The whole family will have fun at the petting zoo learning about the dairy process. The best part is the 7 acre Barnyard Mystery Maze where you can get lost trying to figure out who kidnapped farmer Bill. Enjoy a nice relaxing day the farm which offers play areas for the kids and areas to lounge under the trees for adults. As you look out over the rustic country setting you will want to take it home with you and that’s why the family lets you clip your own bouquet of fresh flowers before you leave. With something to offer everyone don’t forget to stop by Bill’s Berry Farm during your visit to Yakima.

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A few more things in Yakima

sodaIf you find yourself wanting to learn a little more about the rich history of Yakima stop by the Yakima Valley Museum during your stay. Without doubt a gem in the small city the Valley Museum will leave you surprised. With a wide selection of exhibits the museum leaves no guest unsatisfied. From the hands on children’s area downstairs to the collection of high heel shoes this museums got it all. The exhibits will take you through history in Yakima Valley showing you what average days in the past were like and how the city’s agriculture market got off the ground. As you travel through the museum you will want to read the descriptive plates because they are written like the writer is talking to you personally walking you through the exhibit step by step at your own pace. Don’t forget to stop downstairs on your way out to grab a soda from the old time soda fountain or a nice hand spun milkshake. You can always check out the museum’s website to see what new exhibits will be there by time you are in town but at a fair price of 12$ for your entire family there not much to lose and a lot to gain.