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Hudson River Museum Sometimes when traveling its had to find things that can fit well with traveling. Oftentimes things are expensive and require a whole day to get through, and what your really looking for is a 1-2 hour adventure to stretch your legs before getting back in the car. Well if traveling in Yonkers New York than your chance to stretch your legs is at the Hudson River museum. The museum isn’t exceptionally large and polished like some state and national museums but it is well kept and very informative. Two qualities of a museum that I appreciate, it only takes about 2 hours to get through and it really depends on how much of the exhibit information you read. The main focus of the museum is on the Hudson River and that’s obvious by the name but they also hold a lot of local art work and even have a planetarium. Some people think they are outdated and boring. They might be true but its still a great way to learn about the night sky and the legends that are told about the stars. An average show is about an hour, about 35-50 minutes of a prerecorded program than a few minutes of Q&A with a member of the knowledgably staff.

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What to eat in Yonkers

Xavier's on the Hudson Whenever I get a chance to eat on the water I jump on the opportunity. While traveling in Yonkers a local at the Museum pointed my wife and I to Xavier’s on the Hudson. We were out traveling and it was a special occasion. So we splurge, Xavier’s was a little pricier than a restaurant we would usually eat at but as I said special Occasion. It took a few minutes to be seated but I’m ok with that. If the place has a wait then that means that people like the food and its good. After we got seated the staff was very nice and kept us very happy. My cup was never empty which is a big dead because I usually drink more Sweet Tea than I do eat my dinner. We told the hostess at the door we were celebrating one year of being married and she was kind enough to snag us the best table in the place. The table was along the windows and had a perfect few of the George Washington Bridge. It was evening and as we were eating the bridge lit up all bring in light and it was really a special touch to the night. The food was spectacular and I would expect it for the price but was worth every last penny.