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airballoonA rather large city,York, PA, is surrounded on all sides by breathtaking geography. Barricading the city on the west is the Schuylkill River, the east is Mount Penn, the south Neversink Mountain, and the north is Reading Prong mountainside. All of these large formations bring nature and beauty to the  city of Reading making a picturesque backdrop in every direction. Marking the skyline with these large natural formations in also a few man made formations that together make one beautiful skyline. On top of Mount Penn overlooking the city you will find Reading’s symbol, a Japanese-style Pagoda. Originally built in 1908 as a hotel and restaurant the Pagoda still stands today and is visible from almost everywhere in town. Another popular tourist attraction is the William Penn Memorial Fire Tower. Built in 1939 for fire department and forestry observation the tower stands 120 feet tall and its mountain side boost makes it stand 950 feet above the streets below. From the top of thus tower you can see 60 miles out in every direction giving you a great view of the city. If a 60 mile panoramic view just isn’t enough for you than take to the sky with Hot Air Balloon Tour! Reserve yourself a hot air balloon ride and take off across the most beautiful and balloon friendly country side around. Have a once in a life time balloon and see what York is all about.

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A few more things in York

muralsWelcome to York, a place that embraces its history, holds fast to its culture, and desires to share its pride. In the 1990s the city of York started looking for a change and a way to unite the people of the area. When a group of traveling artist came to York it was proposed that they help your out and bring to the towns attention all the reasons it has to be proud of the place they call home. It was decided that the artist would draw a series of murals around the city representing some lesser-known people, businesses, and customs of the city while adding artistic beauty. The citizens of the York began to get excited and donations were collected to that the painting could begin. The first mural was painted in 1996 depicting an image of the Harley Davidson plant, afterall, York’s nickname is the Factory Capital of the World. It was decided that there would be 18 large murals as well as a series of mini-murals depicting anything from little known facts about the city to events through history. The one thing that all of these murals have in common is that they all tell a story. The last mural was done in 2002 and successfully they have united the people and depicted a story to tourist ever since.