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Things to do in Youngstown

millcreekCome see Youngstown’s most popular attraction, and for once be surprised that it won’t be emptying out your pocketbook. Welcome to Mill Creek Park a breathtaking park that found its way onto the National Register of Historic Places in 2005. The park stretches over a beautiful 2,600 acres and with that much land you can bet there is plenty that waits for you inside. The park is homes to over 20 miles of scenic driving roads that will let you enjoy the beauty from the comfort of your own rental car. If you want to get out and look a little closer that’s all fine and well because the park offers over 15 miles of walking trails. As you walk around you will find yourself lost in the beauty of the gardens, wanting to dance in the streams, desire to fish in the fruitful lakes, and awestruck by the wildlife. Also found within Mill Creek Park is a fully restored 19th century mill, the rock formations of Bear’s Den, two 18 hole golf courses, and the “Cinderella” iron link bridge. The park houses a facility that gives education opportunities to visitors for far and wide. If you skipped out on the opportunity to see Mills Creek Park while you are in Youngstown it would be regret later on. This is one truly breathtaking spot.

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A few more things in Youngstown

butlerWhile you are in Youngstown you should stop by and enjoy an entertaining piece of history. The Butler Institute of American Art was established in the early 1900s by Joseph Butler Jr. The local industrialist and philanthropist became inspired by museums and did not understand why there were no art museums dedicated to just American Art. He felt a country so grand and wonderful should have its own dedication in museum form. The Butler Institute of American Art was the first museum ever dedicated exclusively to American Art. What is even more remarkable is that this museum has been operating pro bono since 1919. Among the famous art here is an original Norman Rockwell painting that was purchased for 1.6 million dollars. Another famous painting is the depiction of George Washington’s wedding and the Oregon Trail. Famous American Art will surround you in this astonishing establishment.