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Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic park In the small town of Yuma is the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic park. This isn’t what we consider being a prison today but was built in 1876. The Prisoners actually built their own cells. In 1876 there was only 7 prisoners at the onset but it would stay open for 33 years and over that time hold a total of 3,069 people and 29 of them happened to be women. After the prison became too crowded it was closed and forgotten for many years. During the depression it was used to house homeless and even as a high school. Parts of it destroyed and others left untouched. It wasn’t until the 40’s nearly 30 years after it was closed that it was noticed by the town of Yuma as a landmark and it was turned into a museum. In the 70’s it was turned into a state park and to this day invites guest into its walls to see how prisoners were held. You can visit the many cells the small 8x12 foot rooms that 6 men called home at night with only cots and a single bucket if they needed to relive themselves. The Yuma Prison is filled with rich history that is worth a stop. There isn’t many places that you can see buildings built in the 1870’s. Admission is only 6 bucks for adults and 3 for kids 7-13.

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What to explore in Yuma

Lutes Casino Lutes Casino is not by any means what we would consider a casino today. There is no gambling, no 60 story high hotel, and no show girls. Lutes Casino instead is the place to go in Yuma. The building was built in 1901 as a general stores with a hotel on the second floor. The real fun happened in the basement however, the store owner would pay off authorities and used the basement hidden behind a trap door for gambling. It was the place to go for quick cash. As the years passed the gambling stopped and the pool hall remained open. Today Lutes Casino still operates as a Pool hall but also as a restaurant. An interesting fact about Lutes is that its considered to be the oldest continually operated pool hall in the whole state of Arizona. Today the hall is a great place full of history, it is decorated with pieces of history from Yuma and the surrounding country side. Its owner takes pride in finding history and started by simply finding old signs in fields that were left to rot, restoring them and making the signs beautiful again. The décor doesn’t just stop with signs but goes from a fake leg in a hole in the ceiling to the old lamp from the ER in the Yuma hospital. The Restaurant makes good food on a budget price with a double cheese burger coming in at 5 bucks. It’s a great place to sit back and grab a cold one with friends too the far offers cold drafts and bottled beer to quench anyone’s thirst.