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    Porotobello Road Market

    Portobello Road Museum in London, EnglandPortobello Road Market in London, England is by far the largest antiques market in the world. Portobello is an amazing place to find great antiques and includes plenty of findings in the forms of aviation, bronze, brass, and copper pieces, chests, costume clothing, crystal, bottles, books and manuscripts, art deco and arts and craft items, handbags, Islamic art, jewelry, lace, knobs and knockers, and all kinds of other great items. There are plenty of dealers who specialize in the specific items one is looking for at any given time. The plethora of items displayed at this amazing market runs a wide range as one can see and there is definitely something for any type of collector in the market. This is a great street market to visit because it consists of a unity between certified dealers in antiques that strive to live by a code of ethics and business practice which are within the needs of the clients who come out to shop all the time. This culmination of shop owners and public clientele not only sets up a great, stable market for the general public and traders alike to shop in but it also boosts the traffic in the area and really contributes to economic growth in the area of Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove. There are also several galleries, which specialize in arts from different areas of the world, among the antiques arcades and shops. Guests of the Portobello Road Market will also find healthy communities of buyers for antiques as well as shops who deal in the items being sold and purchased that specialize in the restoration, appraisal, and dealing of said items. This is a very well oiled machine when it comes to the antiques market and should definitely be visited when in London for a casual or professional trip. Take some time and look for something for the wife for a special occasion.

    Museum of London

    Museum of LondonThe Museum of London is a great attraction featuring tons of great exhibits that range a large amount of different items from urban history of the London area. It prides itself as being the largest archaeological archive in Europe with a love for the community. Its main goals are to increase awareness of the community’s history and culture reaching out to the members of the community by playing a major role in the education of this very old and great city. At the Museum of London, there is a healthy collection of events, special exhibits and displays, and even permanent galleries which create an amazing learning experience for its visitors as well as a visual experience for the stimulation of its guests. The Museum of London also prides itself in the multitude of collections that they have for the viewing pleasure of the people which have been found on several archaeological digs and other discovery points. The collections offered up by the museum include items from prehistoric ages to the 1700’s as well as the 1700’s up to the present. With such a huge collection of artifacts and findings it is hard to display it all. There is even a significant list of collections which are displayed online so that nothing is left untouched. Some of the collections found at the museum include items from prehistoric times, the Roman Empire, Saxon and Medieval times, Tudor & Stuart ages, dress and fashion, port and river collections, photographs, paintings, prints, and drawings, decorative arts, and even stories and oral histories. The collections are absolutely amazing and really lend to a great discovery of the ages which lead to today’s London. Some of the permanent exhibits include London before London, Roman London, Medieval London, War, Plague & Fire, Expanding City: 1666-1850’s, People’s City: 1850’s-1940’s, World City: 1950’s-today, The City Gallery, and The Slacker Hall. There are also other exhibits to entertain the guests of the museum so come on out to the Museum of London when in the area for a great look into the city’s past, present, and future.

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    Madame Tussauds London

    Madame Tussaud's of LondonMadame Tussaud’s of London is the absolute beginning of one of the greatest attractions and most widely visited attractions of the world. With locations all over the world, this museum is extremely unique. The museum displays prominent figures of society including actors and actresses, fictional characters from comics, cartoons, and CGI movies, political figures, pop icons, and even notable sports figures all over the world. These celebrity likenesses are constructed and molded from wax featuring clothing and accessories which would be worn and displayed on the figures they represent. The figure one sees at Madame Tussaud’s is somewhat regional to where they are visiting. Madame Tussaud’s of London is no exception other than the fact that they have on display American actors, political figures, and sports icons among their regional figures. Madame Tussaud’s journey into wax likeness creations began in France circa the 1770’s. She began at the age of 17 under the guides and mentorship of Dr. Philippe Curtius. She completed works for King Louis XVI as his sister’s art tutor. She was responsible for creating death masks of executed aristocrats for the French nobles she served. She moved to Britain in the 19th century to begin working in her medium to serve people versus serving the nobles. Today, after over 200 years of service, Madame Tussaud’s creates wax figures for highly notable figures in world politics, movies, music, and even characters from movies. Sports figures like David Bechham, Lewis Hamilton, Jonny Wilkinson, Muhammad Ali, and Cristiano Ronaldo are present at Madame Tussaud’s of London. Also available at this great museum are figures of British royalty including Prince Charles, William, and Harry, Princess Diana, The Queen, and the Duchess of Cornwal. World political figures include Barack Obama, Tony Blair, JFK, Margaret Thatcher, and Vladimir Putin as well as many others. There is an amazing list of A-listers to see at Madame Tussauds so get some tickets and come on out.

     Saint Paul's Cathedral

    Saint Paul's Cathedral in London, EnglandSaint Paul’s Cathedral has an intense amount of history behind it which reflects on an iron clad solidity which has held London, England together for ages and ages. There has been a cathedral dedicated to Saint Paul in the very location that today’s sits; however, this is not the original. A number of events have changed the face of the cathedral including great fires, and wars. The site of the cathedral has never changed and today, the fourth version of the building resides in London. This particular building was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and construction on it began in 1675. After being completed in 1710, it became a staple in religion in the area. It is a massive building which reflects the importance of religion in the area through its architectural and artistic beauty. Although the building was not completed until 1710, the first service held there was in 1697. The cathedral has been the site for a plethora of major events in the United Kingdom’s rich history including funeral services for Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, and Winston Churchill to name a few. Happy events have also been held at this location including various birthdays for the Queen, the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and even peace services signifying the end of the world wars. There are a number of things to see at Saint Paul’s Cathedral including numerous galleries as well as the crypt underneath the cathedral; tours are give to each of these locations. The different galleries of the cathedral can be found high above the cathedral floor where a massive staircase ascends to these marvelous locations. The three galleries that can be seen, from floor to dome levels, include the Whispering Gallery which sits 259 steps up from the floor, the Stone Gallery which is accessible after 378 steps from ground level, and the Golden Gallery which is a whopping 528 steps from ground level. At the top is the iconic dome of the cathedral which depicts many great works of art within its walls. Under the cathedral is the crypt where guests can find the tombs of Lord Nelson, the Duke of Wellington, and Sir Christopher Wren. These amazing pieces of history are displayed in an unforgettable setting which are amazingly decorated by hand carved stone and amazing stone floors. Saint Paul’s Cathedral is definitely a highly notable attraction when in London so do not miss out on baring witness to its greatness.

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January 11, 2011