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    Octopus Diving

    Octopus Diving tours in St. MaartenThere is no better diving tour available in St Maarten than the one a guest will get with Octopus Diving. These tours are absolutely the best in the area and feature tons of potential dive sites on the Dutch and French sides. The dive spots offered to the guests of Octopus Diving are extremely exclusive to the company due to the qualifications of the diving technicians which accompany the new divers. PADI classes are offered to get those interested certified for a great diving experience. In the dive classes, two students are paired up with a technician and they go off and learn the ropes. Once certified, the guests can partake in over 30 of the most exclusive dive sites in and around St. Maarten with a quaint group of about 6 divers. There the adventure begins as the technicians aid guests in finding some of the most gorgeous spots in the beautiful waters around St. Maarten. With plenty of marine reserves in the area, St. Maarten is never short of incredible sites to see while diving in the area. Explore the untouched environment of some of the most beautiful fish and sea life in the marine reserves and realize the true beauty of the oceans surrounding this gorgeous island. Some of the other sites which are at the top of the dive “to-do” list include Basse Espagnole, Chico, Creole Rock, Japanese Garden, La Renee, The Tugboat, and Turtle Reef all located on the French side of the island. Some of the top sites on the Dutch side include Molly Beday, The Bridge, The Gregory, The Porpoise, and The RoRo. These sites as well as many others are perfect for a dive expedition and are the reason why many come to the beautiful island of St. Maarten. If diving is a little too intense of a journey, Octopus Diving also offers snorkeling trips and boat charters. There are plenty of water faring opportunities available through Octopus Diving so take the plunge on the next trip out.

    Le Domanie de Lonvilliers

    Le Domanie de Lonvilliers resort in St. MaartenLe Domaine de Lonvilliers is one of the most beautiful resorts in St. Maarten featuring some of the greatest views of the beautiful ocean in the midst of valleys rich with lush greenery, and a horizon that parallels the descriptions of what Heaven must look like. This four start hotel is equipped with some jaw dropping accommodations including the ultimate pool and pool side bar, the 145 rooms and suites all with state of the art amenities, the La Table du Marché French restaurant with its gorgeous décor and elegant French cuisine, an immaculate garden and terrace with awesome views of the ocean and private beach, an exceptional fitness room with all the best equipment, free Wifi access, baby-sitting services, boutique shopping, transportation boat hires, and a plethora of activities and excursions which will fill in the gaps of that perfect St. Maarten vacation getaway for couples, families, and or company retreats. Some of the adventures to be had on the island as well as on the open waters surrounding the island include snorkeling, kayaking, jet-skiing, tubing, diving, catamaran sailing, large game fishing, horseback riding, tree-top zip line tours, and other amazing adventures. These excursions and activities can be booked easily at the front desk of the resort and are almost always available for the entertainment of the guests. Also, guests of Le Domaine de Lonvilliers have access to some of the hottest boutique shopping on the island, tax free of course. When shopping in these rich boutiques, guests will find an impressive collection of jewelry, clothing, swimwear, souvenirs, and other great items that can’t be found anywhere else at a comparative quality and price. Take it easy on the beach and relax in a sun chair, parasol, or towels provided by the hotel. The beach is amazing with white sands and absolutely protected and private. Guests can enjoy their beverages right on the shores of the beautiful beach as well as intimate dinners and gatherings. Come visit the utopia which is Le Domaine de Lonvilliers when in St Maarten and come experience Heaven on Earth.

St. Maarten EZ Rent A Car

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Princess Juliana International Airport Simpson Bay, SM


    St. Maarten French capital, MarigotMarigot, Saint Maarten is the capital of the French side of the island. It is packed with all kinds of great attractions, boutique shops, art galleries, historic sites, and other great things to do and see when in the area. The Marina Royale is a great place to do some shopping and dining when entering St Maarten. Located close to the entrance port of the island Marina Royale is a great shopping plaza with some of the hottest items for sale as well as a great atmosphere surrounded by the rich scents of delicious French and island cuisine. Old Creole houses of a variety of colors make their home in Marigot which is a highly popular location for duty-free shopping. The focus in the items available at one of many luxury boutiques in Marigot is French fashion and goods. These quality products are all available a lot less than anywhere else because of the duty free status. The shopping in St Maarten is amazing, and very rich in culture. Guests of the island will find a wide variety of items from a number of different cultures in the West Indies Shopping Centre located on the Marigot waterfront. Another interesting place to hang out when in Marigot is the Rue de la Republique. Here history emanates from the façades of the buildings which have been around since the early 19th century. This street is the perfect place to grab some quality pictures of an awe inspiring vision that would be the perfect inspiration for a tropical paradise novel of some sort. When equipped with a suite or a rental home that has a full kitchen just waiting to be cooked in, the Marigot Market is the perfect place to go. This outdoor market is full of the freshest fruits and other ingredients that would make a meal as heavenly as the landscape in which it was grown in. This market is also outfitted with craft stands which produce plenty of cool little souvenirs and trinkets which make great keepsakes and gifts for those not fortunate to come, or for those who would love to have a quality reminder of the magnificent time shared in this utopia.


    St. Maarten Netherlands capital, PhilipsburgPhilipsburg was developed between 1735 and 1746 by a Scottish settler named John Philips. The development of the sugar cane, coffee, and cotton harvesting industry on the island brought a great number of people to the area. Philipsburg was set up to manage all the people coming in and settling on the great island. Philipsburg is the capital of the Dutch side of the island. It stretches all the way across the Great Bay which is located on the southern shore of St. Maarten. This amazing location across the Southern Caribbean is absolutely pristine and also offers up duty free shopping of beautiful goods, handmade as well as name brand goods. The main street through Philipsburg is lined with shops, craft stalls, bars, restaurants, and even casinos for the pleasure and enjoyment of visitors from all over the world as well as many cruise goers getting off the ships in this rich port. There is plenty to do and see in Philipsburg including plenty of sightseeing which includes rich historical buildings and artifact collections in the Sint Maarten Museum as well as the Sint Maarten National Heritage Foundation. One can really experience the rich history and the cultures which developed this area into the key travel destination it has become. Taking an opportunity to visit St. Maarten should definitely be on the to-do or bucket lists of just about anyone on the planet. This utopia of tropical beauty is a one of a kind location with plenty to offer the world. Come take an incredible journey through the streets of Philipsburg, Sint Maarten.

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January 13, 2011