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    St. Nicolas AbbeySt. Nicolas Abbey Barbados
    the history of this magnificent estate began in the midst of the 17th century and is an intriguing and interesting story, one that should be discovered when you visit this outstanding mansion in Barbados. The entire plantation, the sugar and subsequent rum business and the continued intrigue would be a subject of concern for many decades, eventually passed over by time and the digression of life. There are over 200 acres of sugar cane fields planted there now, with a mansion that is beautifully preserved and filled with the finest antiquities of colonial lifestyles for the very rich. The plantation would pass through many hands, but all would value the land and magnificent house, continuing to preserve them in their present condition. The Jacobean architecture of the mansion would be adapted with Tudor and Elizabethan styles, as well as continental renaissance, Flemish, Dutch and French architecture that is characterized by elegant multicurved Flemish gables, Tudor arches, decorative chimneys and casement windows, along with the other Jacobean elements. The mansion has a Georgian style triple arcaded portico and sash windows that were added in 1746, and cedar paneling in 1898, along with a new mahogany front door. In 1910, the original floors would be replaced with North American pitch pine, with a majority of the antiques coming from the 1800s, including two Wedgewood tea sets, the Sailor's Valentines collection and artworks. There are many decorative pieces that would be brought here from travels to sea, like the local and imported sea shells and other natural materials. It is a spectacular estate and one that is well worth visiting.

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    Animal Flower CaveAnimal Flower Cave Barbados
    this cave is located under the cliffs that are located at North Point, St. Lucy, Barbados and is the island's only accessible sea cave that had been discovered by the sea entrance in 1780 by two English explorers. It sits about six feet above the high water level, even though it had been formed at sea level; because the island is rising at a rate of one inch every thousand years. In 1912, someone constructed coral steps that head down to the cave, where the sea anemones are called animal flowers by the local inhabitants, and is how the cave came to get its unique name. These flowers have tentacles that sting and paralyze fish that pass by, which retract into the stalk or body for safety when contacting alien objects like a log, and then waits some time before coming back out, thus allowing any danger to go by. The cave has a coral floor that is estimated to be around 400,000 to 500,000 years old, while the younger coral that is located above the main floor is only 126,000 years old. There is a chamber that sits by itself and is called a swimming pool, with completely transparent water, sitting so still that the bottom can't be discerned, but does appear to be deceptively shallow. During the calmer days, you can swim in the natural rock pools of the cave or enjoy the magnificent views of the ocean through the natural windows of the cavern.

April 7, 2011