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    Gordon R. Howard MuseumGordon R. Howard Museum Burbank, California
    this museum informs visitors and the community about the incredible history of Burbank, California and will answer just about any questions you have ever had about the early start of the movie industry that brought this mud road village into the 21st century and the movie capital of the world. Examples include photographs about the name Jeffries that adorns a street, but had been a rather famous early boxer that had lived in the city, or Olive Avenue that had been that mud road passing in front of a few structures into the paved roadway it is today. You'll learn how the city was started and then developed, and how it had been just rancho land on a mission map to become a city of studios, commerce, aviation and residences, along with a plethora of movie lots. The museum occupies a little old house that had been built in 1887 and showcases the early start of the city and the people that helped build it. It houses a Lockheed exhibit and others that will delight you and often surprise you as the city grows from a small agricultural area into this famous city. There are exhibits dedicated to vehicles, aerospace, cameras, history, paintings and architecture. There are so many things that are sure to interest you when you come here to learn about the early days of the city, like the house that Gordon Howard lived in would be sold to Frankie Avalon after he passed on and so much more, since he was a real person with a family and interests in cars, real estate and bargains.

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    American Animated Film Society MuseumAmerican Animated Film Society Museum Burbank, California
    this fabulous museum contains all the history and information about the start of animation and promotes its outstanding concepts and achievements that have given Americans more excitement and joy than some of the movies that have been made in Burbank, California. For more than half a century, the ASIFA-Hollywood has devoted itself to becoming one of the premiere organizations in the world that promotes the art and industry of animation and include some of the biggest names in the business, like Roy Disney, William Shatner, Phyllis Diller, June Foray, Stan Lee, Bill Scott, Tom Kenney, Chuck Jones, Frank and Ollie, Gary Owens and many more. One of the most significant endeavors that the museum is involve in is the preservation of the early films that were created in animation and are now browning and mottling, and the stock that they were printed on it turning into something like a goo and then, finally crumbling into dust and powder, losing historically significant images and flammable nitrate stock that had been used before 1950, before they can be transferred to modern 35mm safety film. It is an expensive proposition that the industry is trying to complete, but it is difficult because of the costs and the huge amount of work that has to be completed; but that is part of the thrilling information that you'll gain when you visit this magnificent museum that preserves one of the most interesting and enjoyable aspects of our great history.

April 5, 2011