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    PitonsPitons Castries, St. Lucia
    The Pitons are two volcanic plugs sitting in a World Heritage site in Saint Lucia, with the Gros Piton rising some 2300 feet and the Petit Piton is about ten feet less, and they are connected by the Piton Mitan ridge. The peaks are located near Choiseul and Soufriere that are located on the southwestern tip of the island, with a marvelous hotel called the Ladera that provides a spectacular view of the bay and peaks. There is a local beer that has been named after the two peaks, which are called plugs. These plugs are the neck of the formation and were created when the lava or magma would almost reach the top of the volcano and harden before being spewed out, and thus forming what is commonly called a plug. In the nearby Soufriere caldera, there are sulfur springs and hot mud pools still available that show the remnants of the former active volcanoes. The sights seen from these peaks are just beautiful and very interesting for travelers coming here to visit and climbing up the slopes to get such a magnificent view of the region and Caribbean sea.

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    Morne Coubaril EstateMorne Coubaril Estate Castries, St. Lucia
    this beautiful estate still produces cocoa, manioc and coconuts, offering visitors the perfect opportunity to watch the old agricultural methods that were used for centuries, along with providing horse rides, around the 250 acre estate that has been preserved since the 18th century, with all the house and interior furnishings saved as well. The property was a concession of Louis XIV of France in 1713, but it wouldn't be worked on until 1742, and remained in the same family until 1960, although it would be divided among heirs. In 1762, the owner was commander of the local militia, and decided to construct a fort that look out over Soufriere Bay to protect the settlement, and a cannon still exists on the site as a memory of those former days. Visitors can watch as the coconuts are opened, roasted and then sent off to be made into soaps, oils, margarine and animal feed, or see how cocoa is fermented, dried on the racks set in the sun, then oiled, polished by a person dancing on them, crushed and later formed into chocolate sticks. The manioc roots are grated, squeezed free of any water, then dried over an open fire and turned into farina and tapioca pudding that is called kassava here. There is a recreated farm workers village that is located on the grounds so that visitors can see how these people lived and enjoyed their existence.

April 8, 2011