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    Canterbury MuseumCanterbury Museum Christchurch, New Zealand
    This museum is located in the heart of Christchurch, New Zealand in the Cultural District that started in 1867 and has continued to grow until it now contains the nation's diverse human and natural heritage, becoming internationally known and visited. There are over 2 million objects in this magnificent collection, that specializes in the history of Antarctic exploration, and early Maori, European settlement. It did have some damage done to it in the 2011 earthquake that hit Christchurch, but it is completely sound structurally and 95% of the collection wasn't hurt or damaged. There was a statue of William Rolleston at the front of the museum that would take a tumble during the quake, but otherwise, it is in good shape, although the museum will be closed for repairs for a time. The museum works with seven collecting themes that it chooses to represent, and they are Antarctica, Collectors' Collections, Peoples of Waitaha/Canterbury-past, present and future, Windows on the World, Iwi Tahito: Aotearoa before European contact, Our Land and Animals and Design in New Zealand.

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    Willowbank Wildlife ReserveWillowbank Wildlife Reserve Christchurch, New Zealand takahe bird
    Willowbank has grown into one of the nation's most popular destinations, where you can experience the wildlife of this unique country in its most natural settings, and learn about the nation's environment and history. They offer guided tours after dark, quality souvenirs that will remind you of your time spent here, special children's programs all year, opened 364 days a year, a very authentic experience for you to enjoy and recall, with the opportunity to top it all off with a fantastic meal at their restaurant and cafe, only ten minutes from the airport and 100% guaranteed to see kiwi birds. You will have the chance to see fifty species of animals that are represented by some 500 animals at the reserve, that include; fallow deer, black and white ruffed lemurs, ostrich, ring-tailed lemurs, wallabies, siamang gibbons, monkey island, macaws, Asian small clawed otters, parrots, peacocks, miniature horses, Clydesdales, game bantams, llama, chickens, goats, eels, kiwi, kea that are alpine parrots, kunekune pigs, tuatara, takahe, blue ducks and white herons. Takahe are the biggest species of rail in the world and can only be seen in New Zealand, so this is an exceptional opportunity to come and visit these unusual birds that had been thought to be extinct until discovered by Dr. Geoffrey Orbell in 1948 here. These rare birds are actually fed with puppets so they don't become attached to people.

April 8, 2011