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    Museo del Oro or the Gold MuseumMuseo del Oro San Jose, Costa Rica
    the Pre-Columbian Gold museum in San Jose, Costa Rica can be found in a subterranean structure beneath the Plaza de la Cultura and is operated by the Banco Central de Costa Rica, containing a fabulous collection of more than 1600 relics of pre-Columbian gold that dates back to about 500 AD. This valuable collection contains the nation's first coin, the Media Escudo that was minted in 1825, along with amulets, erotic statuettes, animal figurines, earrings and El Guerrero, a full-sized golf warrior adorned with gold ornaments standing in a glass case for preservation. Gold has been considered a symbol of authority in this small nation since it began and these magnificent pieces give a testimony to that idea and the beautiful craftsmanship of the pre-Columbian era. They have a copy of a pre-Columbian gravesite that holds 88 gold objects that had been discovered on a banana plantation in the southeastern area of the country in the 1950s.

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    Volcan PoasVolcan Poas San Jose, Costa Rica
    the Poas volcano or in Spanish, Volcan Poas is an active stratovolcano in central Costa Rica that has erupted 39 times since 1828, with two large crater lakes near the top. The lake that lies on the northern side is called Laguna Caliente because it is the world's most acidic lake and doesn't support any type of life. The southern lake, or Lake Botos lies within an inactive crater that is believed to have last erupted in 7500 BC., and is quite cold and very clear, surrounded by a cloud forest that sits in the Poas Volcano National Park. In January, 2009, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake would occur in the epicenter that would kill forty people and affect Fraijanes, Cinchona and Vara Blanca, the Central valley of the nation and the capital, San Jose. There were other activities in the same year that involved minor phreatic eruptions and landslides in the northern active crater and often there are geyser like ejections of lake water.

April 7, 2011