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    Jeff's Pirate CoveJeff's Pirate Cove Guam
    there have been many relics that date to the ancient Chamorros found along the shoreline that fronts Jeff's Pirate Cove and the area around it in Guam, offering clues to a rich history of this region and the famous internationally recognized landmark. Just about half way between the Togcha River and the cove, there is a WWII bunker that had been constructed by the Japanese when they occupied the island during the war, and in 1945, Japanese stragglers would murder a Chamorro guide and five US sailors that had been hunting for war souvenirs along the Togcha River. Sgt. Shoichi Yokoi, the most famous WWII straggler, would come here and visit the area that he lived in until 1972, when he would be discovered, after spending 28 years hidden in the Talofofo jungle after the end of the war. Yokoi stated that while he hid in the hills around the Togcha, he would listen to the festivities going on at the cove. After the war, a Flight Personnel Rehabilitation Camp would be built on the site, and by 1945, the 25th Naval Construction Battalion constructed a beer garden, horseshoe throwing pits, softball diamonds and volleyball courts there, and later a salt water swimming pool. After serving some 10,000 officers and men, the camp would be destroyed by Typhoon Allen in 1949. The original owner would lease the property from the Shimizu family in 1952, whose name was Adrian LaDeau, who would sell out to Jimmy Cruz in 1967, who was a retired Navy chief, and then, his widow would sell it to Jeff Pleadwell in 1979; and ever since, the cove or Jeff's would be the name of the bar/restaurant located there.

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    Talofofo Falls ParkTalofofo Falls Park Guam
    one of the most favorite pastimes in the area is a weekend hike to a hidden secluded oasis, that contains a thirty foot waterfall called the Talofofo Falls that sits on the Ugum River and cascades into a deep pool lined with steep cliffs and marvelous rock ledges; the perfect place for a picnic and swimming. You can get here by foot or car, or you can take the cable car, featuring outstanding attractions like the Guam Historical museum, observation tower, ghost house, gift shop, outdoor shooting range and the amazing cave where Yokoi hid for 28 years, wondering why he never heard from his commanders or other units in the Japanese army. The Talofofo Falls Resort Park does charge a fee to enter, but it is worth it to come here, enjoy a wonderful picnic and explore the area, jumping into the pool anytime you get hot or tired. It is a wonderful place for peace and quiet, and one that you won't forget too soon.

April 7, 2011