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    Fort CharlotteFort Charlotte St. Lucia
    Fort Charlotte, in St. Lucia, has become one of the most significant historical destinations in the island, that bring visitors here throughout the year, since it is the last surviving example of British architecture on the island, and is located on the Morne Fortune. The fort's construction began in 1764, by the French, and would take two decades to complete, during which time, there would be many battles fought here and around the island, as the French and British tried to gain control of this small Caribbean island. The fort's possession would change many times during its history, and the old barracks and batteries have been converted to house government offices, along with educational facilities; with one part now used by a college. Other remnants include the Inniskilling Monument that is a tribute to the 1796 battle, a number of cells, stables and guardroom. The cemetery was initially used in 1782 for the inscription of the stories of the late English and French soldiers, on the tombstones, as well as six former governors interred here. Since it is of such architectural and historical significance, it has been well preserved and protected for many years.

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    Immaculate Conception ChurchImmaculate Conception Church St. Lucia
    the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in St. Lucia, is the seat of the archbishop of the Roman Catholic archdiocese of Castries, and named after Mary, the mother of Jesus, under her title, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. The term "cathedral" is often used, since it is the biggest church in the Caribbean, and measures 200 feet long by 100 feet wide and was elevated to the status of a minor basilica in 1999 for part of the centenary celebrations. The magnificent interior contains a mural created by local artist, Dunstan St. Omer. The church was originally constructed in 1767 and would enjoy additions and renovations to keep it in a marvelous condition. It is a great way to learn about the island and the inhabitants since the majority of them are Roman Catholics, thanks to the early missions that came here with the French.

April 8, 2011