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    La Paz MuseumLa Paz Museum La Paz, Mexico
    La Paz's museum is well known there as the Museo Regional de Antropologia y Historia de Baja California Sur, and houses many marvelous relics that number in the thousands that include; geological samples, model replicas, memorabilia, artists' renderings, photographs, military hardware and historic flags. It also has an excellent exhibit that highlights the development of the Baja Sur from its archaeological, geological and anthropological viewpoints. While the museum does welcome visiting exhibitions, its focus in the Baja. Their excellent permanent exhibits include burial grounds, prehistoric life, heroes, anthropology museum, origins of the flag and cathedral model.

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    La Paz CathedralLa Paz Cathedral La Paz, Mexico
    Our Lady de La Paz Cathedral was constructed during the mid 19th century, after Friar Juan Francisco Escalante y Moreno, a native of Sonora, came to La Paz in 1854, with three other priests, including one Don Mario Carlon that would become the parish priest of La Paz. Within two years, Escalante would become the first bishop of La Paz, and the two men began a great project, which was the construction of the Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Paz. Needing money to begin the construction, Escalante visited Sonora in 1859 trying to raise funds among his old friends there and ended up taking two years; but in 1861, he would lay the first stone. Today, the majestic cathedral rises up in the heart of the city, reminiscent of the old California missions, with the main door capped with a round arch that is framed by Doric columns that support the cornice that has an oval oculus above that. Flanking the oculus are two windows that shine light onto the choir and the extremes, with thin bell towers. The elements help to break up the simplicity of the rose colored stone used for the facade, with statues of the Sacred Heart, Our Lady of Peace and an oil painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe showcasing the interior.

April 7, 2011