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    Croydon PlantationCroydon Plantation Montego Bay, Jamaica
    this working plantation, set in the foothills of the Catadupa mountains, by Montego Bay, Jamaica, offer a breathtaking and panoramic view of the beauty that surround this region and island, the birthplace of Samuel Sharpe, one of the nation's national heroes, that would sacrifice his life to end slavery. The plantation has won many National Champion Plantation awards, that just seems to capture the flavor of the island, and offers you many exotic and delicious fruits and drinks that have been concocted using them. You will be surprised by the various tastes of pineapple, sugarcane, citrus and coffee, where you can learn more about the secrets of coffee cultivation and processing. You can also enjoy a wonderful barbequed lunch, served with the world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.  While the roads around here are not the best, you will eventually get to your destination and enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in the world while you travel it. Take your time, this is a slow paced country, that needs extra time to enjoy the heat, sun and beauty that is everywhere and permeates to your inner core.

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    Greenwood Great HouseGreenwood Great House Montego Bay, Jamaica
    called the best antique museum in the Caribbean, along with being the finest great house in the island, Greenwood Great House was constructed during a period of brutality and decadence, but still has the aura of the 19th century and still will capture the imagination of its visitors. It was constructed by the Barretts of Wimpole Street in London, England, in 1800, with quite a bit of its original furniture and furnishings still housed here, but the mansion is very famous for the magnificent collection of rare musical instruments and books. Hersey Barrett, an officer in the expedition that was commanded by Admiral Penn and General Venables, was sent by Cromwell's parliament to capture Hispaniola from the Spanish crown, in 1655, but it would be too strong for them to defeat, so they went along and captured the next best thing, Jamaica, so Hersey would be given lands and settle there. Somewhat different than the other settlers here, Hersey would prosper and by the midst of the 18th century, he had become very rich, with more than 84,000 acres of land and some 2000 slaves, with a London house. The head of the family and Elizabeth Barrett Browning's father, Edward Barrett's yearly income in that period would be about 60,000 pounds. He would travel to England in 1795 with his brother Samuel and sister Sarah (Pinkie), while his cousin, Richard Barrett would stay in Jamaica, becoming the Speaker of the House, a judge, Custos of the parish of St. James and other vocations.

April 7, 2011